How to spend Valentine's Day in the comfort of your home

Valentine’s Day is approaching! Hopefully, you read that statement and caught a warm and fuzzy feeling. If not, that’s OK! This will still be a great read for you. When I think of the infamous day for lovers, I dread the idea of getting caught in horrific V-day crowds to have a romantic night out. It’s funny because I consider myself a low-maintenance chick, but I've had my fair share out in those same crowds.

Last year, I ditched the idea of being in an uncomfortable crowd to feel some love in the air, and hopefully, you have too. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a long night out, but this year, we're deciding the vibe. Let's create an environment that's more personal and intimate.

Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday this year so if you’re someone who cares about holidays falling on a weekday, here is your warning. However, that doesn't have to stop the show. Now, let’s get cozy! 


The first and most important thing is to clear your schedule for the rest of the day. After a day's worth of work or class, look forward to making it home and taking a break from your busy day. If there’s someone that you’d like to spend the evening with, call or text them ahead of time. Quick disclaimer, you don't need to have a valentine to have a cozy V-day. A group of friends, one friend, or even a potential "bae" will work. If you’d rather not have someone tag along, then don’t hesitate to make this evening all about you!

Next, set the mood by putting on a good playlist and enjoying a hot shower using your favorite body wash or scrub. If you're feeling spicy, take a bubble bath and soak up the moment. Top off your comfort with your softest lounging clothes and fuzzy socks. At this point, you can consider yourself tucked away for the rest of the night. 

All things plush and warm are a Valentine’s Day staple, so be sure to include your best blankets and pillows for maximum comfort. If you have any bright lighting in your room, swap it out for a soft, dimmer light -- wall and fairy lights are perfect for this occasion. You can use candles, incense and oil diffusers to add a warm scent to your space, too.


For entertainment, pull out a line-up of classic romantic comedies, or maybe something a little more emotional and heartfelt. A personal favorite of mine is Waiting to Exhale. It has a great mix of comedy and drama.

Avoid date night traffic and get takeout. What's better than dinner and a movie in the comfort of your own home?! If you live in an area that has UberEats or GrubHub, use them! If you’re 21 and older, have yourself a glass of wine to top off your dinner.

That said, no more sappy or typical Valentine’s Day for any of us! We're not spending the day worrying about who got the largest bear or who made the sweetest dedication post on Instagram. From now on, it’s all about self-care. Do what makes you feel most beautiful, comfortable, and confident, whether you are taken or single.