How to Manage Your Hectic Fall Schedule

Although the slogan is usually associated with the holiday season, many of us may stand to argue that the fall is the "most wonderful time of the year." While the season may be indeed wonderful, it is often times extremely difficult to find the balance between your demanding work and school schedules, in addition to finding time to enjoy the many autumn themed pastimes. The secret to successfully finding time to get your assignments in on time, working in a few necessary work shifts and enjoying a few fall festivals is all about finding your balance. Here is a short list of tips to help you keep the demands of your hectic fall schedule in check and have a lot of fun enjoying the season.

1. Stay on top of your schedule

Summer has ended and the days of waking up without concrete plans and making moves as the days go on are over. With the fall school schedule being the center of your focus, it can be overwhelming trying to stuff the small pockets of homework-free, class-free time that you do have with must-attend fall social events. Conquering this issue is quite simple: Schedule Everything! Seriously, the calendars, whether they are the apps on our electronic devices, traditional handwritten planners, or even large dry erase calendar boards on the walls of bedrooms should be your best friend during the fall. Start off by taking your syllabi and scheduling all of your key due dates and exams first. This will ensure there will be no conflicts between school and everything else. Next, if you are working or interning add those dates into the mix. Finally, add in any social events, concerts and appointments that you are definitely attending. Now that you can actually see your plans on a calendar, finding any additional free time won’t seem so impossible.


2. Don’t Be Afraid To Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Here’s the scenario: You and your best friends have exams this week, and coincidentally one of your group’s favorite shows also premieres this week. Solution: Make an event out of it! Order take out, have a study group before the show starts, and then reward yourselves with a study break featuring a fall tv favorite such as, Scandal, American Horror Story, or Empire. 


3. Remember to Take Care of Yourself

Scheduling and good times aside, the most important part of keeping it together this fall is to remember to take care of yourself. Between pulling all-nighters, being on time for that 8am, staying up late to catch the latest episode of your favorite show, indulging in autumn’s best baked goods and pumpkin spiced lattes, or dancing in the rain at a fall outdoor concert your health can be put on the back burner. Combat this by snacking healthier (fall is after all apple season). Also, when you’re writing out that fall schedule, include a couple of days a week for exercise and most importantly make sure to hydrate and get enough sleep. Seriously, with the seasons changing, slacking on your health can throw a major kink in your plans if you manage to catch a nasty cold in the middle of mid-terms.