How to Balance during Homecoming Week

Three exams, scheduled twenty-five hours at work, and there are a million parties because of homecoming week. What do you do? All of it. Well, you might not have to attend every party, but keep in mind that most of it can be done. There are days where it may feel like there is just not enough time, but if you plan and organize effectively, there can be. There are multiple ways to make sure your grades do not drop, your social life is healthy and you are still employed. Here are three tips on how you can better manage everything.






Prioritize. Know what is important to you. Prioritizing is an extremely significant step to making sure you are able to balance all areas of your life. Think about school, work and parties and be completely honest with yourself when considering which one is truly the most important. Consider the thousands of dollars that your parents are paying towards your education at Georgia State. Think about the future you may be forfeiting by not taking your education seriously. Think about watching your friends graduate while you sit in the auditorium saying, “that will be me next semester... or the one after that.” No one wants this to happen, so make sure prioritizing is a major part of your plan to balancing your life.



Do not procrastinate. You know what days you have classes, you know when you have to work, and you know when there is a frat party, so take a minute to think about when you can get certain things done. A great time to contribute to your homework is on your lunch break at work. Instead of sitting there for thirty minutes doing nothing, try to get at least one assignment done so that later you can treat yourself to some fun. You can also take advantage of the time you spend in Plaza socializing, by studying. Although that may not seem like a significant period to do work, every minute helps.


Minimize your time on social media. Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are some of the most popular apps to use, but sometimes they can hinder you from focusing on what is key. The time that you spend figuring out what your friends are up to or checking for the latest celebrity gossip, is valuable time that you are giving up and cannot get back. So limiting yourself on these sites will be beneficial for you this week and for the weeks to come.                                

As a college student, life comes fast and you do not want to miss what should be the best time of your life. So do not just read these tips, try them out for a week, and see how you can pass your tests, do well at work and turn up at the homecoming events.