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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GSU chapter.

On Friday, February 6, Her Campus GSU ended Pink Week with our “Homecoming” event! 

Everyone who came out had the opportunity to mix and mingle with Her Campus Executive Board and members. 

Since the theme was “Homecoming”, snacks, music and fun we’re the center of attention, although it seemed that conversation is what got everyone involved. We had a variety of participants in attendance which included current members of Her Campus, interested students, as well as visitors from other schools.

Everyone came together to discuss a plethora of different topics. The main thing discussed was the success of how Pink Week went and how it surpassed everyone’s expectations. Another major topic of the night was college. Many students in attendance talked about their fears and struggles thus far, from difficult classes that have bucket loads of projects and not so helpful professors, to time management skills and how to actually utilize a planner.

Other things that were also discussed include; career aspirations for after graduation, goals for the 2020 year as a whole, how everyone’s semester has been going,and so much more. It was great seeing everyone be able to share words of wisdom whether it be about relationships or future endeavors to one another.

Networking was at an all time high at this event and it was clear that everyone who was in attendance left knowing more than they did when they came in.

The conversation topics were never ending! As you all know, college students love conversations over pizza, so that’s exactly what was done. The pizza flavors available were good old fashioned cheese and pepperoni. Pepsi was our special drink although the attendees who didn’t prefer this opted for water instead, which is also a great choice! 

The setting was very casual and relaxed, and there was a wide array of music being played on a portable speaker as well, which ranged from Roddy Rich and Megan thee Stallion, to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Everyone who participated was open and honest during our big open conversation style event. Advice was given, laughter was shared, and stress was relieved as Pink Week came to an end.

See you next year, HCXO!


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