Here's What Keri Hilson's Two-Year Social Media Hiatus Can Teach Us

From "Pretty Girl Rock" to suddenly staying lowkey, singer, songwriter and producer Keri Hilson can teach us way more than how to perfect our vocal range. It was present that when I would scroll down my Instagram timeline, one of my favorites was noticeably missing. This was prior to the funky algorithm Instagram implemented, so let’s track back two-years ago, when she decided that enough was enough and focusing on her was what was vital.

Source: Keri Hilson Instagram

Social media is a place that many find their identities and a depth where many lost them. Neither is good nor bad but it can turn into a whirlwind of confusion when you begin to feel like you owe everyone something, all of the time. From the perfectly curated feed, the hitting that angle just right for the perfect picture to narrowing down your signature filter that you color correct with a little bit of saturation and white balance.


It is all a commodity that many of us fall victim to in the pursuit of the almost perfect social image.

So why did Keri Hilson take a break from a platform that keeps so many of us relevant? Well, that answer is not specifically defined but if there is anything that we can tell, it is because she does not owe us an explanation for fasting from social platforms. All too often, we see celebrities and notable influencers deciding to reclaim their time and we ask them, “why would you do that?”

Why wouldn’t you?


Taking a break from social media is not a curse and the fact that so many of us are dependent upon so many sites further proves that maybe we should step away for a while too. Besides, Keri taught us a few things that I think we should take note of:


  • You have the power to step away as you please without announcing it.
  • You are on this earth to live with purpose and intent, do so on your own terms.
  • There is a such thing as having a career without needing to announce your every move.
  • Ending unhealthy relationships (of any kind) is important.
  • Self preservation is a never ending motion, appreciate the journey.
  • Come back when you are ready (and if you want to).
  • There is no such thing as taking too long to work on you, take your time.

No, Keri isn’t the first person to take a social media hiatus or go on a social media fast, but she is one of the few who is vocal about how it made her a better person in the end. It can be scary if you are worried about your image, but going through this process will make you so much better when you come out of it.

Will you try a social media hiatus anytime soon?