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You’re young and you’re having fun. Life is good. Then you meet someone. You like this person. It’s good vibes and you start getting to know them more. Then the infamous question comes up, “What are we?” 

To avoid confusion, you both agree that you are friends. Maybe you know you like each other but you’re still “figuring things out”. This is fine, no biggie. But what happens when you start sleeping together? Or what happens when this situation feels like a relationship?

Welp, you’ve got yourself a situationship.

To put it in other words, a situationship is  “Less than a relationship, but more than a casual encounter or booty call, a situationship refers to a romantic relationship that is, and remains, undefined. "A situationship is that space between a committed relationship and something that is more than a friendship,"

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This trend is very popular.

These situations can be relaxed and super convenient for some. For others, situationships result in confusion and heartbreak. So how do we know when they’re acceptable?

Well, everyone starts a situationship claiming they won’t get too many feelings involved. But, we all know from hit movies like “No Strings Attached” and “Friends With Benefits” that it doesn’t always end up that way.

They’re risky. Everyone thinks they have enough control over their emotions to be a-okay. But, not many of us are as in control as we claim to be.

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Be Careful

If you have a situationship, there’s nothing wrong with that. But be careful. Feelings may develop and you or your partner may find yourself wanting more.

Do they work?

We asked some GSU students and alumni for their opinions. And these were good.

GSU Senior E’mari Coggins said, “To be real, it can quickly lead to mixed signals, crazy behavior and occasionally lowering your standards for people who aren’t really trying to give the same energy you're giving.”

She also said, “On the other hand, situationships can give you the opportunity to be free and explore your options.” 

GSU Alumna Jazzmine Pressley said, “I think they can work if two people come together and want them to work.”

Some people weren’t so optimistic. 

GSU Junior Jhane’ Jones said, “I personally hate them. It’s frustrating to not know where you stand with someone.” 

“Women should especially stop allowing men to string them along while men act single.”

We kept it fair and asked a guy too.

GSU Alumni Terry Thomas said, “Situationships are fun if the correct intentions are there. If you’re both feeling each other and enjoy being in each other’s company, then there shouldn’t be a rule that says y'all have to put a title on it. They work when the communication is there.”

Situationships can be scary. Just be honest and if you do choose to be in one be sure to protect you and your partner's feelings.


Moya Leung is a journalism major with a concentration in public relations and a marketing minor at Georgia State University. Her interests include social media management, fashion, public relations, writing & taking pictures. Her goal is to be a Public Relations Director or Social Media Manager for a major fashion company. If it has to do with fashion, marketing or socializing, she's there. Enjoy some of her writings here and keep up with her on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.
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