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The Gift-Giving Guide for the Friend That Has Everything

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GSU chapter.

The holidays are approaching rapidly, and HerCampus at GSU could not be more excited! During the holiday’s gift giving can be a little tricky especially for those friends who seem to have everything. You probably ask this person what they want every year because every idea that runs across your mind you’re pretty sure they already have it or something like it. Personally speaking, I am this friend and family member to everyone, so I thought who better than to give a guide to those who are struggling trying to find that perfect gift for that special friend, lover, or even just a family member!


  1. A Cute Collage Filled with Memories Over the Years

                                                                            Photo Courtesy of Bart Kowalski

Nothing says you love someone more than a collection of photos from all the years you’ve known them! You can have pictures printed at your local drugstore for a low price and purchase a cork board and push pins. It’s such a simple project that shows effort and the piece provides meaning that they will keep forever.


  2. A Mobile-friendly Printer that Allows you to Bring your Memories to Life

                                                                         Photo courtesy of iKream

Instagram and Snapchat are a cool, fast way to keep up with memories, but nothing beats a physical picture that you can keep for a lifetime. Brands such as Canon, HP, and Polaroid have a variety of mobile-friendly printers ranging from $75.00-$99.99. 


3. Concert Tickets For One of their Favorite Artists

It’s proven that experiences provide a longer sense of happiness versus materialistic things, and also it’ll be a fun memory for you both!  


4. A Gift Certificate to their Favorite Nail Shop

All girls love to get their a manicure or pedicure from time to time, but some of us don’t like the extra expense it costs on top of other financial responsibilities. This will be a perfect way to pamper your loved one indirectly.


5. LED or Glow In the Dark Room Decor

                                                                            Photo Courtesy of Walmart

I have a lot of decorations for my room, but I can never resist anything that is color-changing mood light. Whether it be a neon light, an aromatherapy diffuser, or a projector, these add character to any dorm or apartment.


6. Friendship or Relationship Coupons

                                                                            Photo Courtesy of Etsy

This one can go for both friendships and relationships alike. Creating a sort of “coupon book” for favors of things you know your partner or friend always mentions. This allows you to get creative and decorative! Not only will they be happy with the effort, but now they have an all-access pass to have their way, and who doesn’t love that?


7. A Gift Basket full of Cute Holiday Treats

                                                                            Photo Courtesy of All About Fun and Games

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not hard to please girls when it comes to gifts. As you might have seen on Twitter around Halloween people were creating “Spooky Baskets” for their loved ones. It is basically a basket filled with goodies such as fuzzy socks, their favorite candies, gift cards to their favorite coffee shop, lotions, perfumes, and whatever you feel like fits the theme of the holiday! This idea is great if you’re looking to give a gift that won’t break the bank but still have a cute presentation.


8. Think About Their Craft and Hobbies!

You can never go wrong with a gift tailored to a hobby and/or side hustle. If your friend is a photographer look into some accessories or cool gadgets to improve and advance the work they are already putting in! Also, if you have a friend who does makeup or hair on the side you can look into some tools or products you know they use or would make their job easier and more efficient.


Raylyn Robinson is a junior at Georgia State University majoring in journalism with a minor in public policy. She is involved with The National Association of Black Journalists and on the executive board of QSS and STAR Millennials on Georgia State’s campus. Robinson is a content contributor with Ja Gurl TV while maintaining an editorial internship with an online magazine. She hopes to become a news anchor or immersing herself in the public relations field. Robinson is expected to graduate from Georgia State in May 2020. When she is not trying to advance herself in the field of journalism, she loves watching YouTube videos and comedy films.