Georgia State's Students Set Expectations for Bryson Tiller's Concert

Kentucky Native, Bryson Tiller is fairly new to the R&B game but he has definitely made an impact thus far. With acknowledgement from none other than Drake and Chris Brown, R&B fans are showing interest in Tiller saying that he is “the best person making music right now.” Trap Soul was his first solo project after his record Don’t circulated for months and received plenty of buzz. The album was highly anticipated and perceived very well, which showed through his recent ticket sales; especially right here in Atlanta where two shows sold out within minutes.

Tiller announced his Trap Soul tour via Instagram in early December of last year and fans were beyond ready to press purchase when they went on sale on the morning of December 18. The list of tour dates consisted of several cities around the U.S., but Atlanta was amongst a few cities to have two dates. The singer decided to bless his ATL fans on Valentine's Day as well as the day after at Center Stage. This venue is one of the few concert locations in the heart of Downtown Atlanta which is surrounded by colleges left and right, leaving many ticketholders to be young students in the area.

Georgia State University students make up a significant amount of Atlanta’s population and seem to enjoy attending concerts; so I decided to go on the campus to find students who were interested in discussing their expectations for the upcoming concert.

Alexis Grier was excited to speak to me about how she got her tickets, considering her boyfriend paid $135 each, for two tickets that originally sold for just around $45.00.

“I was so excited when my boyfriend surprised me, because I really wanted to go to the show but the tickets sold out way too fast.” “I’m not sure what I expect from the concert. I just want a great performance and to hear good R&B music while I spend time with my boyfriend,” Grier said.

Crystal Poitier was in the university’s student center actually listening to Bryson Tiller when I approached her.

“I expect for him to perform the entire album, in addition to some of the songs that are on his Soundcloud. I expect it to be a great show with a lot of people singing along to his every word. That’s what I’ll be doing anyways. I’m extremely excited for it.”

Marcus Green who is looking to graduate in May from the university is also from Kentucky which is his main reason for attending the concert.

“I expect a rowdy environment and a lot of love being shown since this is his first tour.” Green also shared his favorite song from Trap Soul. “My favorite songs are probably 502 Come Up and Exchange.”

The shows are right around the corner, so if you’re planning on checking it out, hopefully it meets all your expectations as well! And for those of you who have yet to purchase tickets, they are available for resell here.