Five Fall/Winter Must-Haves

Fall is the perfect time to let the fresh breeze blow through your hair or against your face, watching the leaves change into vibrant colors, and then you watch those leaves slowly fall off when winter approaches. Winter is here now and some witness the growth of a beautiful ocean of white snow. Nature gives us the perfect fashion show with the change from a vibrant scenery to a virtuous landscape. Therefore it's only right that everyone keeps up with natures' stylish terrain. Of course, for humans the primary goal is staying warm, so here are five fall/winter must-haves to keep warm and in style.

Wardrobe of Scarves

Scarves are the perfect fall/winter accessory, and there is a multitude of different types of scarves to choose from. You have the oversized scarf, sheer scarf, cable knit scarf, faux scarf, and blanket scarf. Aside from the different shape and styles that you can get the scarves in, they come in all colors with different patterns and prints fixated on them, being to where they can fit any and every outfit you decide to sport during these seasons. They also aren’t cute and stylish, but they’re just right for stopping a cold breeze from hitting your neck.

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A Right-Sized Vest

Vests are for those days that are just a little chilly but not too chilly—a suitable combo. They can complement a plain long-sleeved shirt on those days that are not too chilly, or be paired with your big winter coat when the temperature drops real cold. Despite the way you style it, and when you design it, it’s a great way to finish your fall/winter outfit.

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The Thicker the Sweater, the Warmer You Are

            Another compliment to the casual outfit is a sweater, and like the scarves, there are different types of sweaters to style in. There are various types of fabricated sweaters—cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, and sheep wool—and then you have different kinds of styles—crew neck, V-neck, cardigan, turtleneck, sweater vest, and tons of other options with tons of colors, patterns, and prints to choose from. Your choice of style, color, and fabric depends on your preference, but regardless, sweaters are a way to stay warm and cozy during these colder seasons.

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The Perfect Boots

            Riding boots have been in style for some time now, but they are still the unflawed go-to shoes during the winter/fall. If it’s raining or snowing, your feet will be kept dry and it your ankles will be kept warm during those breezy afternoons. These too come in different colors, shades, and with varying heights of heels. Another go-to boot would be heeled-booties because they’re just right for when you want to get dressed up during the fall/winter and they still keep your feet warm and covered.

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Closet Full of Loafers

            Unlike the rest of the other must-haves that have been noted, Loafers have been shoes that have been brought back into style and have been continuously favored through all season, and they are conveniently capable of working during the fall and winter. They, of course, don’t cover your ankles as much as boots and should be worn on days that aren’t too cool but they go with the right pair of jeans, sweater, or scarf—and complement the fall season flawlessly.

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