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When compared to every other season of the year, fall can prompt the most life changing moments. This is due to the fact that it is a season that goes through phases and inspires the feeling of comfort. Fall tends to come in smoothly and swiftly with the changing of the leaves, calming of weather, and presence of comforting flavors such as pumpkin spice and cinnamon. Even if you don’t favor any of these things most people see fall as an opportunity to restart, or take a break and give themselves grace. 

Why do people vibe with the fall season?

There are plenty of reasons to appreciate and enjoy fall but in my opinion most love it because like the name it gives you a chance to “fall”. Not literally but figuratively. It is a prime time period to fall into new habits, new mindsets, new career opportunities, new adventures, new hobbies, etc. Most people focus better during this season because the year is coming to a close but this final little stretch can make a difference. Basically it’s crunch time before winter arrives and can potentially limit you from discovering your true potential. 

What does this mean?

Over the past few decades fall has gained a reputation of fun festivities and especially nostalgia. Whether it be fall themed fashion, autumn/Halloween decor, and various activities like, apple picking, pumpkin carving, and spooky movie nights. These events and activities are just a small piece of the wonderful opportunities fall presents. By definition fall is “the season when leaves fall from trees.” Before these leaves fall, they change color. This could symbolize change coming or occurring in anyone’s life. Change is inevitable and can be good or bad, but having the opportunity to be guided into change is a privilege that can lead to exciting outcomes.  Once these leaves fall they represent the festive activities for leisure that take place during the fall month. Therefore fall is one of the best times of year to consider making major life changes and pondering the future goals you have in mind.

My Final Thoughts

It’s debatable whether fall is good for personal growth and change because of the many people claiming to have Seasonal Depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder – A real form of depression). Real people do struggle with this and face it directly during the fall. From that point of view I can see how fall can be a hard time on some. With that being considered the main message I want to get across is to take fall as an opportunity to make a change. It can be big or small but never let it take priority over your mental, physical, and emotional well being. Always remember fall can be fun. You just have to explore it (if possible) to the best of your abilities. Go and make this fall yours!

I aim to enjoy the simple things in life. Then again when is anything ever simple?