The Dot Dilemma: Donation Drive

Many times women go without proper feminine products because of their lack of income or transportation. If you have not heard of the “Pink Tax” or the “Tampon Tax” there is an overwhelming amount of disparity women face in this country. The Pink Tax simply suggests that there is a gender-based price discrimination on products geared more towards women. In addition, the Tampon Tax essentially states the same issues but rather that tampons and other essential feminine hygiene products are subjected to a high-value tax as opposed to other toiletry necessities.Source

Her Campus at GSU has recognized these troubling problems and financial hardships women are facing, especially in the metro Atlanta area, by reintroducing The Dot Dilemma. They have teamed up with two women and children’s shelters in collecting feminine products and basic necessities many do not have the luxury at their disposal.


The Dot Dilemma was created three years ago and is a semester-long donation drive Her Campus has put into place for students here at Georgia State to contribute anything they can towards the drive. For the duration of Pink Week, donations are being accepted during the various fun and exciting programs offered. Other on-campus organizations have also stepped in to help promote the cause and to inform others about our focus for this drive here on campus. The newly-chartered organization, “PERIOD” at GSU, has partnered with Her Campus GSU in their efforts to celebrate periods and provide products for women in need. Her Hygiene, an event held by HCGSU is set to come back this November, and The Honey Pot Co., a black-owned business, is also a company HCGSU wants to highlight in their efforts to promote the quality products and brands women should use and support.


Periods have always been a nuisance in society, but being able to open up about the issues women and young girls in troubling circumstances face in these prime years are essential. The Dot Dilemma Donation Drive is a perfect way to give back to your community and help out women and young girls just like us, so tell a friend and then tell that friend to tell a friend and spread the word!