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Detox: A Way of Life or Trend?

Lately, many celebrities and others have came up with their own detoxes to cleanse or just to lose weight. I’ve even came close to the thought of “taking the cure”, but I decided to do my research first. I wanted to share the information that I received with you all so you can determine if detoxing should be a way of life, or is it simply a trend? 

“TeaTox” is the most known detox among social media. You may see your favorite people posting or snapchatting about Flat Tummy Tea. The product claims to boost metabolism rate and burn more calories. However, it’s doing everything but that. Short-term effects includes becoming lightheaded, fluid loss (water weight), and it’s also expensive! Don’t worry, if you still have the urge to rid out those toxins, there are better and more effective at home remedies!  

The Lemon detox aka “The Beyonce Diet”, is the most common. The benefits include clear skin, weight loss, and energy boost. 

Another method is to just sweat it out! Sweating for fifteen minutes a day and brushing skin with a boar bristle brush can remove dead skin that clogs pores. 

Finally, is to get plenty of rest! Be sure to aim for 7-9 hours of sleep in a dark and quiet area for best results. 

My name is Keyonna Singletary, and I'm a sophomore at Georgia State University with a major of Media Entrepreneurship. My favorite color is green and I am the ULTIMATE gemini! Whenever I'm not at school or working, I spend most of my time at concerts or writing for other sites. My personal blog is eraofkeyonna.com  Peace & Blessings. 
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