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Cuffing SZN: Are You Getting Cuffed or Curved?

So that guy or gal you held a two-week Snapchat streak with ghosted you, huh? Don’t beat yourself up about it though, sis, because there is still time to find your potential cuffing season mate! However, if you plan to sit this season out, that is absolutely OKAY! Join the other cuties on the sideline watching couples shower each other with cute good morning texts and “just because” baskets full of candy and flowers that will probably be thrown away the next day. The cuffing pre-season began in October, where you probably saw the super cute spooky baskets making their way onto Twitter timelines, and will end approximately in  April when the weather starts to warm back up. 


If you don’t want to sit on the sideline, don’t be afraid to shoot your shot! Some people don’t always get the memo, so a little “hey” in the DM’s won’t hurt. If anything, they’ve probably already got their eyes on you and are unsure how to go about approaching you. You could even pull a Mean Girls stunt and ask to view their notes if you have a class together. Know your options and be firm with your decision, because you just might score, sis. As the meme saying goes: “you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t throw”. So, don’t be shy and tell your potential bae why they’d be out of their mind not to choose you. 


Now, if you find yourself feeling a little down or lonely this season, remember that Cuffing SZN can be costly. So, look at the bright side if you are not participating. You get to stack your coins and use that money to support those goals you wrote down and forgot about! You should also remember that you don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to justify your worth. Often, many girls put so much energy into having a significant other and end up losing themselves and their goals to the superficial idea that being single validates their worth. Love and its idea can be so powerfully overwhelming at times, so if you are or become engulfed in the love game, be sure not to forget about you. It is just a season, and seasons come and go. On that note, I wish you the best of luck at this game of love. May the best player win. 


Jada is a first year Global Studies Major at GSU. She enjoys taking photos and writing poetry during her free time, and loves engaging in service with her community in Atlanta, GA. She aspires to travel to less fortunate countries and teach their children how to read and write.
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