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Colleging – A Letter to a Fellow College Queen

College is not always the easiest walk in the park. In fact, studies show that college students struggle tremendously with finances and that one in every four students has a diagnosable mental illness. What is worse, is that we often do not seek the help we need in regards to those matters, so understandably college often becomes overwhelming to say the least. Perhaps that is why we love to party so much. While partying (and other distracting activities) seems to be the easiest scapegoat, let us not forget what most of us are inheriting debt for: the degree. This article is to the first year college girl who has not a clue what she is getting herself into and to the three times over senior who is desperately trying to find the will to graduate. I see you both. I am you both.

So, why are you here? Why are you in college? Before school starts and while you are in school, first and foremost get real clear on what your purpose for being in college is. Get clear on what your purpose in life is. I say that, because do you not want to be eager to go to class? Think of how much more thrilling and easy college would be if you had a reason for waking up for your 8 a.m. class.  We may sometimes feel the pressures from our families to major in a particular field or we may even feel the pressures of society feeding us the notion that we must have a college degree to experience success. However, the ultimate decision “to college” and how we do so is solely our decision to make. So I ask again, why are you college-ing?

Now figuring out your purpose always requires a little soul searching. Most people do not begin that process until the awakening of their 20’s. So yes, in the midst of trying “to college” life hammers down on you, causing you to address things like why you do not like your body image or why you fell in love with such a horrible guy.


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Usually in the nick of time though, you gain a shelter of friends who all in different ways accept you and teach you all the lessons you need to learn in order to become the woman you are destined to be.

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Here, you must choose your friends wisely. I am sure we have all heard this from an elder at some time or another, but it is true! College is not high school, so your safety net will not come from your clique but from being who you genuinely are. Consequently, you will attract people who mirror the energy you put out. If this part in your college life is done right, you will find freedom, build lifelong friendships, and grow the connections you will need later in life.

Some of the experiences that we encounter during our college days may scare us. We may be pushed beyond our comfort zones and we might not like it. For some students, it may be as simple as beginning to study when they have never studied a day in their lives. For other students, it may be changing their entire game plan. They might get pregnant, lose a family member, find out that they have a mental illness, the list goes on, but if college teaches you nothing else let it teach you to be resilient. See, for every trough in life there is a crest to make the balance. The journey may get long and tedious. You may feel like giving up. You may even take the steps towards quitting. Though, when you make the conscious decisions everyday to choose the light over the darkness, then you will make it your destination. This part of the journey is called perseverance. You persevere by identifying and breaking bad habits. You persevere by picking yourself up when you cannot find the strength. You persevere by knowing that you can be, you are, and you will do anything you set your mind to do.

To the freshmen and to the senior woman, please keep your eyes on the prize. Do not stop until you are finished. Find who you are, who you were meant to be, and guard that precious knowledge like it is the air you breathe. Then when life rocks you to the core, remember just why you are college-ing. That sis is the key.


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Hi! I am a Journalism student at Georgia State University. I am in my junior year of school. I have a concentration in Multimedia Reporting and my minor is English, in which I will be concentrating on Creative Writing. I have been a published journalist and intern for NobleSol Art Group for over a year. I am also an award winning spoken word artist and I have been writing poetry consistently since I was 12 years old. Currently I am writing my first poetry book. Lastly, I am the founder of Atlanta blog SCISFORECAST, which has been operating for over a year. All in all I plan to own a digital magazine one day!
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