College Fashion Week 2018 & Why Inclusivity Matters

Ever since I was young, everyone around me told me to pursue modeling. They would always comment on my features and remind how “unique” I looked. However, to everyone’s surprise, I didn’t end up as tall as they were predicting. I maxed out at five feet, and (nearly) one inch.

When College Fashion Week (CFW) came about, I jumped at the opportunity. With industry standards demanding female models be at least 5-feet-8-inches, I knew that this may be the only time I walk a runaway. I was joined on the runway by a group of women that championed the word diversity - various builds, heights, ethnicities, geographic locations, and looks.

Source: Kayla Dungee

Additionally, CFW showcased pieces that were actually attainable and not the type you gawk over, only to save on Pinterest in your “One Day” board. Primark, Matter, HCXO, and others collaborated to create pieces with a price tag that real, everyday women can afford.

No Her Campus event would have been complete without a night of being completely spoiled. Ulta, Almay, eos, and Sabre provided bags full of goodies that made every ticket sold worth it. Trays full of Insomnia cookies and edible cookie dough lined the front of the room. There were just too many Insta-worthy stations to count.

Source: Pretty Instant Photography

Did I hit a Naomi Campbell walk and impress the crowd with my supermodel poise when I hit the runway? Nope. Did I speed walk down the runway and forget that I was supposed to take my time? Absolutely. I awkwardly marched down the runway to the beat of the quick-paced music. If you blinked, you might’ve missed my walk. Despite the mishaps, I loved the process of feeling like I mattered.

Source: Pretty Instant Photography

One of the biggest takeaways of the night is that society needs to demand change within the fashion industry. If clothes supposedly hang better on incredibly slim, tall women, how does that entice someone as short as me to want to buy what the models are wearing? Once you factor height, build, and curves into the equation, exclusively seeing one type of woman on the runway is not a marketable approach to the plethora of women in the world. Everyone deserves to see women who resemble themselves walking runways and being the face of editorial campaigns. I applaud Her Campus for leading the movement towards a fashion industry that is reflective of the real world.