College Campus Safety Guide

School has been back in session for a couple of weeks, which means everyone has gotten comfortable with their class schedules and have established some sort of daily routine. Along with meeting tons of new people and enjoying the start of the new semester, I’m sure you’ve gained a sense of security while being on the college campus. If you’re at a non-traditional campus such as Georgia State University, then you’re more exposed to the elements of city life, and individuals who aren’t apart of the university system. This setting can make you more vulnerable to risky situations. While I hope these situations won’t occur, it’s best that you’re prepared and take preventative measures. Whether this is your first semester in college, or you’re a returning student, here are few simple tips that can ensure you a fun, yet SAFE semester!

1. Campus Maps

University campuses can be huge and it seems like a new building is popping up every semester! It’s very important to know your way around campus and how to navigate around. The easiest way to learn your way around is to familiarize yourself with landmarks! Usually where there are major landmarks you can find an emergency call button in case of an emergency.

2. Resident Halls

I know it seems like the rules set by resident halls can be a bit strict, but I promise you these precautions are set to keep you safe! Don’t allow strangers into resident halls and remember to check in your visitors. It’s also very important to keep your doors locked at all times! Yes, this still applies if you have an apartment style dorm. You never know who your roommates are bringing into your space, and if things go missing you won’t know who’s responsible.

3. The Buddy System

The buddy system may be one of the oldest forms of safety, but it has been very successful. Some of you may have evening classes that require a lab in a different building. This is a great chance to get to know your classmates and walk over together as a group! It doesn’t matter day or night, male or female, this system will definitely come in handy.

4. Commuter Students

The majority of college students are now commuters and don’t live on campus. For these students, it’s still important to maintain awareness. If you drive to campus please try to park in the designated student lots or close to a well-lit classroom building. Make sure you keep your vehicles locked, alarmed, and place all valuables out of site (in the trunk). If you’re taking public transportation, make sure you alert someone when you get home, and try not to have too many valuables on you at once (iPad, laptops, cash, expensive jewelry).

5. Campus Shuttles/Escort Service

Many college campuses offer a shuttle service that transports students to different classroom buildings. Another service offered is the campus escort service. If you ever feel uncomfortable, especially after dark, just give them a call and they’ll send an officer or swoop vehicle to give you a ride!

6. Technology

Don’t allow your tech devices to make you unaware of your surroundings! We all know once your head phones are on, you lose focus of the world around you and become zoned out. Try not to have your music playing so loud that you can’t hear what’s going on in your environment. As you’re walking remember to focus on what’s in front of you, don’t have your face buried in your phone!

7. Parties

If you’re going out for the night, go with a group of friends, and remember to be responsible when it comes to drinking. You don’t want to become so inebriated that you can’t control yourself. Once your friends start leaving, you should! It’s not safe to stay at a party alone no matter how nice people may seem.

Remember college is the greatest time of your life, but you also have to be smart while having your fun! Just remember these few simple tips and everything will be ok! If you find yourself in a sticky situation don’t be afraid to call for help, whether its campus security or local police department. 

Enjoy your semester!