Cheers To Being Single in College

Let’s face it, being in a relationship is something just about every young woman strives for. Finding the perfect mate, getting married, having children, the house with the white picket fence. In fact, being single is often viewed as negative. Either your family members constantly question you over the holidays about when you’ll bring someone around during the holidays, or your friends are ditching your night out on the down for “date night”.  What many college students realize is that there are plenty of positive attributes to being single! These are the best years of your life where you learn who you are, and there’s more you than who you’re dating! Here are a few benefits as to why college is a great place to be single! 


More Time to Focus on Your Studies

When you are in a relationship you are often torn between allocating time for your studies and spending time with your significant other. Unfortunately, college students tend to prioritize spending with their significant others at the expense of their studies. When you are single, you don’t experience the added anxiety when you have to remain in lab, tutoring or extra training.

Avoid Unnecessary Relationship Drama

All relationships in college tend to have elements of drama associated with them. Whether it’s someone flirting with another man or woman, whether it’s dealing with jealous friends who desire their own relationships, or just the growing pains of trying to explore someone else while learning about yourself. Remaining single is a viable answer for avoiding those situations.

School Breaks are Spent Experiencing Whatever You Want

Being in a relationship won’t automatically stop you from doing things you enjoy; however, it can be a hindrance when it comes to how you spend your winter, spring, and summer breaks. You might want to try study abroad, volunteer with a school organization, or just take a girls trip! That can be difficult when your significant other doesn’t want to be so far away for a long period of time. Let’s face it, no one wants to be stressed out thinking of all the things the other person could be doing while you’re away!

More Time is Spent Making Lifetime Friends and Connections

College is the prime time in your life to meet new people and create lifelong friendships. Sometimes being in a relationship can keep you from meeting new people! Have you ever heard the expression “you go to college to meet your bridesmaids, not your groom.” It’s quite true. You’re more likely to stay friends with someone you met in college opposed to actually marrying the person from your college relationship.

You Learn Who You Are and Gain Self Worth

Self-worth comes from the inside out and it’s something that you develop when you truly are comfortable with who you are. By being single you aren’t looking towards the opposite sex to validate who you are. You’re focused on your goals and improving who you are for you!

It’s Easier to Make Choices for Your Post Grad Life.

Once you graduate, you’ll be faced with many great opportunities. You may receive a job opportunity out of state, want to attend grad school in a different city, or just travel the world. By being single, you allow yourself to make these decisions for your life without any regret!


Before you think I’m anti-love, just know that I believe in love more than anyone I know; however, I know there is always a time for everything. I’m not telling you to go dump your significant other so you can be completely selfish the rest of your time spent in college. I just had to show that being single isn’t all that bad. In fact, it’s great!