Chauncey Walker '15

Name: Chauncey Walker

Classification: Senior, Class of 2015

Hometown: College Park, GA

Major: Art Administration

Instagram: @chaunceybrie  

Many students at GSU could probably say that they’ve encountered Chauncey Walker. She is a senior studying Art Administration with her numerous positions on campus, it’s hard to deny that this celeb and soon-to-be graduate deserves to be mentioned.  From Incept to President of Spotlight, she has been able to hold the most prestigious titles available on Georgia State’s Campus.


Not only are you a full time student, you’re also a full time student leader as well. Can we get an extensive list of your on campus involvement?

Chauncey Walker: Wow, it’s been a ton of things. I was a 2012 Inceptor then a 2013 Lead Inceptor, Rialto Ambassador, also Co-Captain of Dancers on Pointe. I was also a mentor for Panther Leadership Academy. In spotlight, I started as a volunteer, then a committee member, and in 2012,, I became Panther Prowl Director, then held title as President for the following two years. I also worked on the class ring committee, as well as the Student Center Advisory Council. I think that’s all, but I feel like I’m forgetting something. I might have to take a look at my resume. (haha)



Wow, that is a ton of things. Why are you working so hard to be involved? What is the goal? What is it that fuels this fire?

CW: My mom always told me ‘always live by the cloak’. Hard work and humility is all you need, and I think- since I could walk and talk that has always been drive. Work hard and remain humble and all the success will come. But really, being in college and everything I do, I really want to make sure anything I’m doing that I’m completely in love with it. I see the end goal of owning my own business and being able to inspire other people. Which really makes me want to remain and do well in school. We all hate going to class and taking finals, but I always keep my eyes on the main goal because that degree will help me get to the next step. And the connections I make along the way will benefit me as well.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

CW: In 10 years, let’s see… I’ll b- ...whoa, 31. (Chuckles) Hopefully I’ll be married and have at least one kid. I’ll have my own production company and would have already travelled the word. I’d definitely have my own house, as well as a vacation on some island, or a beach. Somewhere where it’s sunny year round. Mostly, a family and successfully career is what I’m shooting for.

Speaking of husband, are you in a relationship right now?

CW: I am not in a relationship. Honestly, I found it hard to be able to balance the three S’s: School, Social, and Sleep. I’ve taken school and sleep clearly more importantly. I feel like it’s really about focusing on school, career, and on what I want to do. And when it’s time, a relationship will follow after. It doesn’t mean I’m not looking and I wouldn’t accept it if it came across my pathway, but not out searching for it.


You’re a senior now and your resume barely fits on one paper, out of your time here at Georgia State what  would you say is your most memorable experience?

CW: Haha geez, so much has happened. I would have to say it’s between getting Inceptor of the year and becoming president of Spotlight. I pick Incept because that was the very first thing I got involved in at Georgia State and it was the very first time that I was recognized for all my hard work. Being Spotlight President was amazing because I was able to work my way up from a Volunteer to a Director and then President in only one year. This really meant a lot to me because the people of Spotlight showed their faith in me and were confident that I would be able to lead one of the biggest organizations on campus. That alone is a huge accomplishment.