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Building A Brand: Famous or Not!

When we talk about building a brand, the first thing people think about is celebrities or entrepreneurs, but believe it or not, everyone has a brand.

The way you portray yourself is important to the things that you might want to be successful at. That job you want? The promotion you want for your business? The way you communicate with your professor? All of these things have to do with how you brand yourself.

You can start by deciding who your audience is. For me, I’m a nursing major, so essentially my audience would be people who can help me become successful in that field. Who’s your audience?

Secondly, know your value. What’s your selling point? What makes you good at what you do or what makes you a good candidate? Thirdly, make sure the more tangible things are in line. For example, is your social media page up to par? Does your resume have typos? When you go into an interview, are you your best self?

Lastly, it’s important to stay on their necks! People should know who you are because you are so attentive and interested. Pretend that you’re in the room, even if it’s a room that you haven’t quite entered yet.

When taking the next steps in our lives, it’s important to always make sure that your brand is the best that it could possibly be. Oftentimes, your brand is what can get you in the places that you want to be in.

Think about it. If you’re in an interview with someone you’ve never met, all you have to show for who you really are and the depths of your character is your brand. Create it and carry it everywhere with you.

Hello all! I'm Myiera and I am a third-year Psych Major at Georgia State University. I am an aspiring nurse, but ever since I was in the ninth grade I loved to write. Although it's now more something I do for self-care, I think that Her Campus is the perfect outlet for me to empower other women while doing something I love.
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