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Book Review: The Five Love Languages

This is probably one of the most inquisitive, relevant books I’ve ever read. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman expresses five ways you can learn to love others effectively. The five love languages are:

·         Words of affirmation

·         Quality time

·         Physical touch

·         Receiving gifts

·         Acts of service

Everyone can give and receive through all five love languages but there is one primary love language that makes us feel truly appreciated. To find out which love language is yours you’d have to read this amazing book but I’ll give you the run down.

Take a look at your past relationships. Reflect on what each person made you feel in certain situations whether it be friendships, co-workers, family or romantic relationships. Do you feel more loved when you receive a compliment? What about a hug? Or maybe someone you care about picked you up from the airport or washed the dishes for you and it made you feel special.

On the other hand, keep in mind how you express affection to others. If you have a bad relationship record, scrutinize what you think you did wrong. Perhaps that person’s love language was words of affirmation and you didn’t affirm verbally how you felt about them but instead you communicated your like/love through your own love language. 


Different people have different primary love languages. Just because your love language is receiving gifts doesn’t mean everyone feels the same way when they receive gifts. Take the time to figure out the love languages of each of the people you care about or want to get close to. It’s never too late to reach out to that old friend or family member you just don’t know how to communicate with.

These are the types of signs this book makes you aware of and it’s incredibly eye-opening. It’s refreshing to know that there are people out there that still care about the sanctity of building strong, healthy relationships with people important to them.

Me, for example, I have learned through personal experience what my primary love language is. It didn’t take long for me to figure out after reading this book that my love language is physical touch. It makes sense seeing that I’m a person who enjoys a lot of physical contact with people close to me. Whether I’m reaching for a hug or grabbing someone for support while I’m laughing hysterically, it’s simply how I show my affection for others.

Absolutely amazing read and I highly recommend it! The Five Love Languages will have your nose in the book page after page. 


Dominique Regalado is a multimedia Journalism major at Georgia State University. When she is not running around campus, she is drowning herself in coffee or editing for Her Campus. Dominique enjoys reading, going out for food, and much more while spending all her money on retail. She aspires to be a journalist for a major magazine publication. Follow her on Twitter: @domregalado!
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