Book of the Month Club: The Alchemist Final Review

SPOILER ALERT: I will be discussing details of The Alchemist in this article. If you aren’t ready to see what exactly this book has to offer, head back to our home page to read some of our other new articles.

As part of my Book of the Month Club, I’m here to deliver my (long overdue) final review of the month’s reading: The Alchemist! I started reading The Alchemist last month and I must say, it was by far one of the most insightful books I’ve read. It was full of life advice and positive ideas. I was trying so hard to pace myself instead of reading the entire book in a few days!

I instantly fell in love with Santiago, the main character that the entire novel is centered around. His character reminded me of myself and how curious I am. Coelho did a beautiful job of making Santiago such a relatable person. His character began so simply as a shepherd and then his story became much more complex as he settled into the crystal shop, continued his Personal Legend, found the love of his life, and finally found his treasure. Santiago’s journey as a whole spoke to me because of how he eventually did what it was he was meant to do. I think it was important for him to have moments where he was ready to settle or to give up because I think most of us have those moments as well. It can be tough to stay on track, but it’s well worth the struggle in the end.


Part Two of the book was definitely the more interesting section for me. I enjoyed accompanying Santiago on his quest for treasure and his adventures instilled in me a feeling of wanting to embark on my own adventures as well. Reading this book has made me want to take the road less traveled and make the most of even the smallest of things. Santiago always seemed to be learning and bettering himself along his journey, so even if he hadn’t found his treasure he would have been a better man than he was when he began to look for it.

I would recommend that anyone read The Alchemist. It is packed full of gems and inspiration; just reading it gave me amazing vibes. If you were able to follow along on my Instagram, you saw that I was constantly posting quote from the book (as pictured). This book made me feel like I have no excuse not to be doing everything possible to be happy and content with life. I actually plan on re-reading it so I can take some notes and think more about the story itself.


Thank you all for joining me as we read this book together. I plan on starting a book club on-campus very soon, so be on the lookout for that! Until then, The Book of the Month Club will come to a brief halt to allow for some necessary changes. Thanks again to everyone who participated. I am still open to conversation in my email at [email protected].