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Beyonce Slays at Her “Beychella” Set While Bringing Black History with Her

Unless you were caught up with final exams and final projects, then you would know that the only thing that mattered this weekend was the fact that Beyonce was performing at Coachella this past Saturday night. While us east coasters had to set alarms for 2 a.m. to tune into the historic performance, many residents of the Beyhive all over were geared up and ready for the show.

Upon entering the stage it was clear that this moment was going to be nothing short of historic and amazing! I mean seriously, look at her…


However, along with this moment came a history and cultural lesson that no one saw coming. Not only did Bey slay the stage but she did so while paying homage to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, step culture, HBCU band culture and so many more things that make black culture amazing af. The two hour show also showcased her baby sister, Solange whom we all know and love (a seat at the table still rides!) and a highly anticipated reunion from Destiny’s Child.

Let’s just say that our Saturday night was made because our favorite performer was the first black woman to headline a Coachella….we mean Beychella show EVER.


Many might even wonder what is so special about the elements of black culture that Beyonce decided to display. The answer, in so many words in very simple and that is, black culture gets a bad rap when it is appropriated and misused in urban formats for what is seen as “fun”. We have all seen it. The Kylie and Kendall Jenner t-shirt fiasco, fuller lips and wider hips being “trendy” now, the Instagram body, putting “lit” or “gang” behind everything. It is never fun when the culture that it comes from gets bashed for it.

But on this past Saturday, she helped to open more doors to what is easily misused. I mean seriously, she sang Lift Every Voice, also known as the Black National Anthem. How much more powerful and unapologetically black does that get? 


That is not to say that she was the first to put our culture on display, but it is to say that she is one of the first larger names to do it without warrant. If anything, we appreciate her so much for it!

According to her mother Tina Knowles, she was worried that the predominantly white audience would not understand or would be confused by her performance. In short, she saw the vision and was of course amazed at what her daughter did, hoping that it would encourage black students to HBCU’s which in return will help enrollment rates go up. However, this is not the first time Bey has shown her admiration for HBCU’s. A year ago, she started the Formation Scholars Award where she awarded students at Howard University and Spelman college with a one year merit based award.  


So, are you convinced that she is one of the greatest performers of all time? Her talent, stage presence and heart make us believe that she is!


Cydney Maria (Rhines) is a creative writer, journalist and photographer located in Atlanta, Ga. She is currently a student at Georgia State University studying journalism and english. She coins her brand as something curated beautifully for those who may not feel that beauty. Her main focus is mental health, social issues, digital design and of course the beauty of black girl magic. Her main goal is to constantly write creative content that fills a need. She is currently published accross multiple platforms and looks to continue her current level of work after she graduates from GSU. Check this creative out!