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The Best Ways to Stay Safe On Campus

Going to college for the first time is already a nerve wracking experience, but it can be even scarier when your campus is not in a secluded, more rural area, but rather the hustle and bustle of a major metro area like Atlanta. Thankfully, by using the proper precautions and resources provided by your school, you can always feel safe while navigating the campus.

1) Know your resources!

At every campus, there should be a police or security unit set up so that any student who needs its resources can utilize them. At Georgia State, the GSU Police are located on the outside of the University Commons. You can always reach them at (404) 413-3333 in case of any emergencies! There are also emergency call boxes located all over campus that you can use as well. Check with your local campus security to locate and utilize the safety tools at your disposal.

2) Never walk alone!

In a city, there are a lot more people walking around that may or may not actually be a part of your university. A good rule of thumb is that when you’re walking around campus, especially after dark, bring a buddy with you. You’ll be happy to have the company, and it helps to make sure you make it to your destination safely. All your buddies tied up? GSU actually offers safety escorts and will send one to your location if you call them.

Source: GSU Safety

3) Know where you’re going!

Atlanta is a city that has plenty to offer, so when you’re going around to new places, plan ahead of time where you’re going. Google Maps is there for a reason! That way you know how far you have to go or if there are any places you may want to find another way around. Also, don’t forget to let a friend or two know where you’re going IF you have to go alone. Make sure you’re traveling on well lit, busy streets, and pay attention to your surroundings.

4) Have a plan!

Lastly, one of the best things you can do to ensure safety on a city campus is to have a plan and to think ahead about a situation. Knowing your best options for a potential situation will help you act quickly and rationally in case an emergency does occur. One method of doing this is taking a self-defense class! GSU offers self-defense classes each semester, so if you’re interested in learning you should definitely check that and other campus programs out!

Source: GSU Safety

College is a great time to learn and make new friends, but putting campus safety at the forefront will make every day just a little bit easier! Be sure to thank your local campus officers because they’re doing their best to make sure you have a safe and fun college experience!

My name is Dymond and I'm a marketing major at GSU. When I'm not writing, I'm off somewhere curled up reading a book, taking pictures of my dog, and binge-watching Queer Eye and American Horror Story on Netflix. I also write for my own lifestyle blog for college women of color and I'm a member of the Theta Beta chapter of Phi Mu Fraternity.
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