The Best Highlighters to Achieve That End of Summer Glow

As summer wraps up, that does not mean that your inner glow queen has to! From your warm tones to your sheer sparkles, there is a highlight for every need and of course, every price range. If you want to keep glowing way past the weather change, see our tips, tricks and products for the best highlights below!

It doesn’t cost to be the glow boss!

Depending on your current budget, you do not have shell out tons of dollars to achieve a glowing highlight. Your cheekbones will certainly thank you and your pockets will too! To get that glow on a budget and for those of us who love to splurge every once in a while, take a look at our list below!

Wet n’ Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder


There are so many drug store brands to try that will have you shining from a mile away and Wet n’ Wild is a classic that keeps upping their game. Their MegaGlo highlight is a that is the literal definition of “lit”, and it is only priced around $5. This highlighting powder comes in five shades ranging from a stunning rose gold to a shimmering diamond dust.

BH Cosmetics Wild and Radiant


Now if you are a YouTube University alum, then you know about all of the hype around this brand. BH Cosmetics has been a staple in many beauty kits for as long as beauty gurus have been a name. So many of our favorite influencers have rocked and collaborated with this brand and ultimately, put them on the map. A favorite highlighter palette from this company is their Wild and Radiant palette, and although it was released a few years ago, these colors still pop to perfection!

ColourPop Cosmetics


Anyone who is everyone knows and loves ColourPop! From their lippies to their shadows there is something that we all know and love somewhere on their site. While it is hard to pin down a highlighter that is an honest favorite, our recommendation is to just go for them all. From the newer jelly highlighters to the classic pressed powders you can get your glow on, and all for under $5 per unit. If you can’t choose just one, go for a highlighter palette where you can choose from warm shades to very bright hues.

Becca Cosmetics


Okay so, we know that Becca is not the most budget friendly, but hear us out! If you catch a sale at Sephora on end of season products, then you will be in luck. If you are looking for a highlighter that is going to give you that megawatt glow mixed with a unique pop then head for their prismatic holographic highlighters! Yes, as in shimmering shades of rainbows gliding across your cheekbones and cupids bow. It is indeed a dream come true and while they may be a little harder to find these days, it is surely worth the search.

Fenty Beauty


We cannot talk about highlighters without talking about Fenty. Rihanna is the queen of the glow at the moment and what would a talk about makeup be without her contribution to the industry? While we all have a favorite Fenty highlighter that we own or one day will own, we have to come to grips with knowing that the coveted, Trophy Wife, is not the only shimmering glow Ri offers. Recently, the artist and business woman launched what felt like her killawatt highlighter but on a 2.0 scale. As if the killawatt shine wasn’t enough, she amped up the magic and gave us the killawatt foil compacts that come in a range of vibrant colors including a bold magenta and crisp orange. Have you tried them yet? Pair them with your favorite lippie and you are out of the door!


It is possible to get your glow on even as summer winds down and it is even better when you can make it your own. Not a fan of having only one highlighter? Layer them or mix them up according to finish and shine. Yes, this is a very serious part of your beauty routine and if you have yet to get into the glow, try different brands to find what works for you.