Be Your Own Boss: Start Your Own Lash Brand!

What girl wouldn’t want to be her own boss? To create her own business hours and start her own company? To not have to rely on anyone but herself? Every girl has the potential to do this, but it takes a special kind of dedication in a person to push through the process the whole way. This is for the girls who are willing to take the first step to become her own boss, which is to get informed on the ins and outs.


Nowadays we see more and more hardworking ladies taking over the beauty game, from upcoming makeup artists and micro-blading specialists to girls selling their own brand of quality hair extensions or weave bundles. We see things like this and wonder how they got the idea to do this. Where did they get their resources and suppliers? How do they market to and keep up with their customer base?

To answer these questions I will uncover the works of one of the fastest growing companies in the Downtown Atlanta area. Private Label Extensions is a wholesale hair, edge control and 3D mink eyelash supplier that works personally with their customers to help them with their branding and marketing strategies as they work to sell their own brands. The company is really pushing their new line of wholesale 3D mink eyelashes, because they believe this will be the next big thing in the beauty industry.


Interested? This is how it works. You make an inquiry to the company that you would like to start your own “lash line” of products. From that point they tell you everything they have to offer you. They provide the lashes, website building, digital marketing and they even ship it for you when your own customers want to order from your store. You do not need to purchase everything they offer, but if they are willing to provide all your services for you, why not?

Not only is the company professional, but they also give you real people to talk to. If there is a problem with an order, or if you need more services on your website, or you want to find out more information on something specific, they will not hesitate to tell you once you contact them. This company makes the process of being your own boss easier and you also learn a lot when it comes to running your own business simply because you will be involved every step of the way.


I admit I was a bit skeptical coming across a company that claims to do so much for you at reasonable prices, but after trying out their products and asking people who have worked with them, I can vouch that they are legitimate about their services and serious about their customers’ success.

Sometimes things like this are too good to be true, so let me give you a reason to believe. Check out their products page for their 3D mink lashes and also their lash branding page. Still need to see REAL people? Check them out on YouTube! Watch their video on how to start your own lash brand! They are located at 444 HighLand Ave NE Atlanta, Georgia 30312, here’s a look into the Private Label Extensions Office!


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