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Awkward Conversations With Your Ex

Girl: Hey! :)

Guy: Hey…

Girl: What’s up?

Guy: Nun, chillin’. U?

Girl: Oh okay. I’m doing homework and was just thinking about you.

Guy: Oh that’s wassup.

Girl: *doesn’t reply back. Probably dies from heartbreak.*

Conversations with an ex will always leave you thinking…”why the hell did I even bother?!” If you’re one of the fortunate who had a cordial break up, instead of the “I hate you, don’t ever talk to me again” break up, then that’s great! Even with a cordial break up, conversations with an ex can be hard, and seem like a waste of time and energy. In case you want to take a dive into the unknown, here’s some tips on how to have a successful conversation with your ex.

1. Have a specific reason to have a conversation with your ex.

The keyword is…EX! Remember this!  There’s three key things to keep in mind. Know what to talk about, when to talk about it, and how to say it. You control the conversation. BE A BOSS!  Whether there is something that you want to say or it’s just a friendly conversation, say exactly what the point of the conversation is. Say what you mean and mean what you say!

2. Your ex is an ex for a reason.

There’s no need to bring up the past. Good or bad situations, the past stays right where it is. Bringing up the past only gives your ex the “okay” to make that move to get you back.

3. Avoid the dreaded “one-word” text.

One-word replies scream “leave me alone, this conversation is dead!” If that is the case, and you’ve given up on the conversation, then by all means one-word reply until they get the hint. If not, stay away from the “yep”, “k”, “nope”…you get the point. Engage in the conversation and they will do the same in return.

4. No late night calls!

We all know those late night calls, with Pandora playing the slow jams in the background, and the candles burning, only leads to late night booty calls. If the conversation isn’t happening before 9 then don’t let it happen at all…not even a text. Having a conversation with your ex before those late night hours shows them that there’s no secret motives and you’re not just in your feelings.

We hope these tips help guide you through the long awaited or any future conversation with an ex. Good luck!

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