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Atlanta is the New Hollywood

Some say Atlanta is becoming the new Hollywood.  Over the course of a decade, I have watched the city grow as thousands of people migrate to the area in pursuit of an acting and modeling career. Major production companies like Marvel have even filmed "Avengers Infinity War", "Ant Man" and "Black Panther" here. There is always a motion picture being shot all over Atlanta, and that means there is more money and spotlight up for grabs. Here are a few tips to start your acting and modeling career.

1. Headshots

A well-lit selfie against a plain background will do just fine when you are first starting out. Makeup should be natural, and keep your hair and shirt plain. The casting directors want to see you as a blank slate. Eventually, you will need to invest in professional headshots. Quality headshots create a cleaner portfolio and will help you stand out.  [bf_image id="q1m5rf-6iczhc-2hcb67"] 2. Network

There are photographers that are always looking for models to add to their portfolios for a TFP (time for photo) cost. Compensation isn’t as important when you're a beginner. The first photoshoots are more about building your portfolio and getting your foot in the door. You gain experience and learn your personal preferences when you network different photographers. Soon, you’ll find your niche and your go-to people to shoot with. Use Instagram to find photographers and remember to practice caution. Listen to your intuition when it comes to working with anyone. If the vibe is off, leave. If you arrive at a shoot and the photographer makes you feel uncomfortable, walk out. You can always say no. Atlanta is small, but there is plenty of opportunity to replace a bad experience. 

[bf_image id="q6dmto-6fyjlk-b31nyh"] 3. Behave on Set

Remember, as an actor, you still have a job and must be professional at work. Set hours can be anywhere from eight to 16 hours long, and the experience can be amazing or unpleasant. It's up to you. If you are working as a background actor, always listen to the P.A. (production assistant) and don't try too hard to stand out unless you are told to. You never know who may be watching you, and trust me, someone is always watching, so give your best performance and have fun!


Success does not come overnight, but with dedication, consistency and passion you can have anything. Here are a few links to help you get started:



Jada is a third year Global Studies Major at GSU. She enjoys taking photos and writing poetry during her free time.
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