Angela Rye to host BET show

CNN political commentator Angela Rye is set to host her own political special on BET, and the special is set to premiere the day after the State of the Union address on Jan. 31.  

Rye’s first special will be titled “Angela Rye’s State of the Union. This particular special will act as a rebuttal to President’s Trump State of the Union address, according to an article published by Blavity.



Rye told Blavity that partnering with BET is a “reminder of why she began to do this work.”  

Rye has commented on various political topics on CNN, and many of her viewers know that she is nothing to play with.

“It is essential that we have platforms where we can discuss our politics, our challenges, and our culture through our respective lenses,” she told Blavity.

Rye is known for stating facts and comments on CNN, but she is also the principal and CEO of IMPACT Strategies, which is a political advocacy firm. During Trump’s presidency, Rye has been trending on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram for her quick comebacks towards Trump supporters and the Trump administration.

Rye has stated facts and called Donald Trump a racist in a recent CNN report.  

“Let’s talk about Donald Trump’s record where he accused the Central Park Five, as Brook just brought up, of raping a woman that had been disproven and he took out not one, not two, but three full page ads calling for the death penalty of five black and brown boys.”

Rye also pointed out that she knew that Donald Trump was a racist and it did not take the presidency for her to find out.

“Let’s talk about Donald Trump’s record where he has historically used not only racist language, but he has also said very bigoted things. It didn’t take the presidency for us to see that Donald Trump is a racist.”

Along with her support from BET, many of Angela Rye’s fans are looking forward to her special on BET. One person tweeted that he had just marked his calendar for the day that Rye’s special is suppose to to air.



Another follower congratulated Rye on her special on Twitter.



Rye’s special should not only teach people about the current state of the United States, but also spread awareness about how important it is to have our voices heard.


*Photos courtesy of Twitter, Youtube, Blavity