8 Signs You've Found Your BFF

Finding a best friend is hard sometimes, especially as you get older. I say this because by the age of 18, most girls already have the people they consider their best friends and it can be a little challenging to enter into that exclusive circle. Every once in awhile, there are those late bloomers who find each other while laughing at some bad joke a professor cracked in class.

Once you find your BFF, it’s as if a new source of light hits your life. They become your most trusted and most treasured, which just grows the love you have for each other even more.

Here’s some unwritten BFF signs that show you’ll be together for life:

  1. You start playing with each other’s hair. Our locks are sacred. For us to let somebody else touch them should be a sign that you and the person have a special, intimate bond.

  2. You’re on each others snapchats all the time. Our snapchats are personal, whether we want to think about it that way or not. We don’t realize it, but we are very particular with who we choose to put on our snapchat and how much we do it.

  3. You start having unspoken communication rules. As soon as you know you can speak without using words, that’s your BFFL. Point blank period.

  4. You start doing borderline activities without realizing it. When pants and bras become optional and you don’t even realize you’re changing in front of each other, best friends don’t even begin to describe the friendship anymore.

    5.  You dislike the same people. There is no need to talk about it, you both agree that the girl in your History 101 class is a teacher’s pet and needs to chill.

    6.  You defend each other when one of you are absent. This is the true test of friendship. Never let somebody talk about your best friend behind their back and you not say anything.

    7.  You can’t stay mad at each other for long. You may have petty arguments, but at the end of the day you can’t stay mad because you need someone to tell your dirty secrets to.

    8.  They live at your house. Your home is their home and vice versa.

Every day you two will find another reason to love each other. True best friends always appreciate the similarities, while accepting and loving the differences. You can’t imagine your life without them and why would you? That’s your best friend!