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More than 42 percent face it, but how many of us are taking back control and kicking anxiety in its face? Considering the high percentage of student who deal with anxiety on a year round basis, it makes me wonder how that number skyrockets when the pressure is on during final exam season.

If you are apart of the majority, these tips are just for you, but don’t hold them to yourself! Make sure you share these tips with friends, classmates and even family members who may be a little extra wired toward the end of the semester.

Take Time to Organize Your Schedule

In so many words, if it’s not important…scrap it! Priorities first and if you can put them in order of due date, that’s even better. Friends? They can wait. Extracurriculars? They’ll be there after you study hard and ACE your final exams. Don’t find yourself stuck because you’re trying to keep up with everything. Do what you can and everything else will fall into place.


Talk to Your Professors if You Are Worried About a Class


Some of us are lucky enough to never know what the inside of office hours look like, and then there are those of us that call it a second home. Nonetheless, if your grades have you stressed go in for the attack early! The worst thing you can do is wait until the twelfth hour and internally agonize over what you should’ve and could’ve done. What’s done is done and now you have to grow up, send a few emails and honestly hope for the best. The amount of work you’ve done and the quality of it has gotten you this far, so fix it while there’s still time! You’ll be shocked at how many professors are willing to bend a little bit. So basically, don’t give up just yet!

Go to the Counseling Center or Find One Who Services College Students


If you are mentally done, it’s time to pay a visit to a counselor. No, you are not crazy it’s just that sometimes we need an outside opinion that our friends and family can’t give us. Visiting your campus counseling center is not only a breath of fresh air but can aid in releasing the pressure that you may have been feeling. Trust me, I’ve been there so many times and each time I realize something different that I couldn’t put my finger on last time. Most of the time, we find ourselves in our head about the smallest things and that’s okay too! Just try not to keep it to yourself, okay?

Study Breaks are Needed


Between annoying group projects, professors who think that they are your only class and taking what feels like a million hours, you are more than entitled to some me time. Make sure that when you block out this time that you have a plan to attack your work when you get back to it or that you do half or more of it beforehand. Turn off your cell, disable notifications, go ghost in group me or do whatever it is that can calm your racing mind.

Will people be upset? Yeah, but you cannot make everyone happy in the pursuit of your degree. You are allowed to detach when necessary! Do this by taking in some fresh air, so yes go outside! Treat yourself to your favorite treat or honestly, get some sleep.

Meditate, Meditate, MeditateSource

Whether it is with a podcast, the higher power you serve, soft music, essential oils or sitting still you have to find out what it means for you to meditate. In 2018, the popularized version of that might mean yoga followed up with a green juice, but you don’t have to go that route if that’s something you’re not into. Instead, start by planning out small breaks in between study sessions so that you go in a lot less anxious and more focused for the next subject. You may notice that your mood is lighter and that your thoughts are so much more clearer.

All in all, there are ways to beat anxiety at its own game, you as the individual just has to find out what that means of therapy is. Are you someone who needs to go to the counseling center or someone who needs to prioritize their time? Maybe you’re a mix of several of these and need to find that perfect mix. Whatever you decide, don’t do it alone. Make sure that you talk to a trusted friend who can help you through your anxious moment. It’s never a fun 5, 10, 15 or prolonged moment of worry but you don’t have to face it alone.


If you are Georgia State University student who is having an especially hard time this finals season make sure you pay a visit to our counseling and testing center located on campus in the Citizen’s Trust Building.


Cydney Maria (Rhines) is a creative writer, journalist and photographer located in Atlanta, Ga. She is currently a student at Georgia State University studying journalism and english. She coins her brand as something curated beautifully for those who may not feel that beauty. Her main focus is mental health, social issues, digital design and of course the beauty of black girl magic. Her main goal is to constantly write creative content that fills a need. She is currently published accross multiple platforms and looks to continue her current level of work after she graduates from GSU. Check this creative out!
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