5 Essential Products For A Skincare Routine



The weather’s getting colder and the cooler temperatures mean our skin needs a little more love. Because we don’t want our skin to be dehydrated and dull due to the change in seasons, here are some skincare upgrades to add to your daily routine.


  1. Cleanser ( a gentle one and one for specific skincare needs)

First thing’s first, make sure you’re not overdoing it with your cleanser. Although you probably already have one go-to cleanser, it’s ideal to have two: one that is gentle and for everyday use, and another that is aimed at whatever skin issue you're dealing with at the time.

 For example, if you are struggling with acne, you shouldn’t use a hard acne wash every day, instead, you should only use an acne wash when you are experiencing a breakout. A great mild cleanser for everyday use is the Daily Facial Cleanser by Cetaphil.

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  1. Toner ( Witch Hazel, Rice water, Rosewater)

Make sure you use some type of toner! Toner is great to get all the makeup or environmental guck out of your pores that a facial cleanser can’t,  as well as get rid of whatever sheen that your facial cleanser might leave after you rinse your face. My favorite toner is Witches Brew by Nolaskinsentials. Not only did it help me with my breakouts, but it left my skin feeling energized!


  1. Moisturizer (Light for the day, heavy for the night) 

Much like cleansers, you should have two moisturizers. Lighter moisturizers with SPF are ideal for all-day wear and heavier moisturizers are great for overnight hydration.

 A great lightweight moisturizer for daytime use is Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. Not only is this moisturizer hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, but it also has broad-spectrum SPF 15 sun protection. 

A great nighttime moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized during the dryness of the fall weather is CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream, which is great for all skin types!

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  1. Lip Care

It’s getting cold outside and you know what that means— you have to be extra attentive to your lips. Even though chapstick and lip gloss keep them looking great, sometimes it is necessary to scrub off the harsh dry skin on your lips. I use the Sephora Collection Lip Balm& Scrub, not only is it only six dollars but since it removes dead skin and moisturizes your lips at once, it makes lip care super convenient!

If buying a lip scrub isn’t the best option for you, you can whip up your own at home by simply stirring together some honey, sugar, and melted coconut oil together in a small bowl. Use this once a week and your lips will feel like new and oh so soft. Show your lips some love!


Another lip tip: rub a pea-sized amount of vaseline onto your lips and they will love you for it.

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  1. Water 

Drink water and your skin and body will love you a million! Feel free to drop some lemon, cucumber, strawberry, or any other sliced fruits of your choice into your water bottle for some detox action. 

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Your skin will be thanking you for the upgrades!