5 Components of a Great Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is a practice that is getting increasingly popular, especially for college students. Food, friends, and a break from school, every college student's dream. Here are 5 basic things to establish when hosting a Friendsgiving.


To make friendsgiving a reality you need a fun and reliable group of friends you can count on. The more the merrier, especially because it will alleviate the cost of expenses. Once the guest list is finalized gather all your good folk together into one group chat so that communication is centralized. 


Depending on whether you plan to feast with college friends or old high school pals the date is very important. If you plan to meet with college friends you will want to plan for earlier in the month before everyone is juggling various travel plans and high school pals maybe closer to thanksgiving itself. Travel can be exhausting try to give people some time to recover before bombarding them with plans.


College is already expensive enough but when done right friendsgiving is well worth the small expense. If everyone does their part and brings something, in true potluck style, it's a win for everyone. By paying for or preparing for one thing you unlock access to a plethora of food, for FREE! That dining hall food just doesn't hit the same, a home-cooked meal is well worth it.


Try to find a central location to host so that it is worth it to your guests, we all know gas is not cheap. Someone’s dorm, apartment, house, a park or maybe even a common area on campus. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, what really matters are the people.


In the big happy group chat that's created send out a list of potential things you think are necessary for people to bring. Food, drinks, plastic ware, games, activities, maybe even a movie, whatever it is you all need to work together to come to a fair distribution of the expenses. If you know you or a friend isn't the best in the kitchen or is too busy to prepare something plastic ware and drinks can be found at the dollar store for a reasonable price.