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3 Beauty Items You Need in Your Life

With the new year off to a refreshing start, people love to share what changes or improvements they’ll be making in their everyday lives. If any of your new year's resolutions include skincare or beauty then you need to add these items to your stash of go-to's. Take a look at these three items that make beauty a breeze!  

1. Yubi Beauty Blender

This beauty blender makes applying makeup easier and mess-free with its patented comfort wings that are designed to fit comfortably around your fingers. Its flat surface area makes it easy to dab in your foundation. It also comes with a brush to use for blending your contour or washing your face! The Yubi does so much more too, such as makeup removal and helping to prevent the white cast from sunscreen upon application. Not only is this invention handy, but it’s vegan and black-woman-owned!

[bf_image id="bpxgvcxzprcg4fcmfk399bvw"]

2. Flawless by Finishing Touch

We all know how peach fuzz always, and I mean always, likes to show out when applying foundation, especially around the lip area. This tool gets rid of peach fuzz effortlessly without any pain or irritation that most experience when using other methods such as waxing, plucking, or depilatories. This tool is gentle enough to use every day and it’s designed to look like a lipstick container, so you could even bring it on the go! 

[bf_image id="krmxjrk63sbb3ph3rgf6qkfw"]

3. Jade Facial Roller

What’s better than a tool that helps really get skincare products into your skin? A tool that can do that and massage your face at the same time! Jade facial rollers are a must-have. Not only are they cute, but they’re super effective and work wonders for your skin. The smooth cool surface of the jade is perfect, especially for areas that tend to be swollen like under your eyes.

[bf_image id="8tr9w68gn5nsn3bx8pvht9r9"] These beauty items are at the top of my list, and are sure to be your favorite go-to's too!

If you’re not sure where to start, follow the links to read more about each product! Always remember that when it comes to beauty, work smarter not harder!

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