10 Must-Wear Nail Colors from Fall to Winter

Are you the type of girl to get your nails done every two weeks just to change the color? I'm not but I do enjoy changing my nail color throughout the seasons, especially in the Fall. If you're anything like me, you like your nails to stay stylish and trendy with the season. When I'm deciding on a color and looking for a nail polish, I like to always keep in mind the season. The right nail color is the perfect finishing touch for your Fall or Winter look. With Fall already here, Winter awaits. Check out these Fall/Winter nail colors that are a must-wear to accessorize your outfit!

Olive Green 

Green symbolizes balance and harmony, like the characteristics to describe a Libra (me!). Specifically, olive green represents peace. Bring peace into your life during a warm autumn day or cold winter night with olive green colored nails. Go for a darker green look to set the tone for the season. Olive green is actually one of my favorite colors for the Fall season!


If you're indecisive like myself and can't choose between red or purple, pick burgundy! Burgundy reminds me of a deep red wine color (I mean...who doesn't love wine!). Burgundy also represents strength and empowerment. Bring that type of energy to your life and try this color on your nails.


Red can represent the idea of being fearless and dangerous which makes this the perfect color for your Halloween costume. Red is also the color of passion, radiance and romance. With Christmas approaching, red nails is the way to go. Red is a sexy color, which could be the reason it's so popular for Valentine's Day. What about Fourth of July? Let just say red is acceptable for any holiday!


Gray is another one of my favorite colors to wear for Autumn. Gray is a classic neutral color that can bring you cool and relaxed energy during this time of year. Gray is also a sophisticated, formal, and conservative color that goes great with a business casual or business professional wardrobe.


Tan or nude is a common color that women like to get at the nail shops. It's a stunning and soft color that never goes out of style. If you work for an employer that have strict guidelines or rules regarding dress code, tan or nude is a conservative and clean color. Although some think this color is boring, this calming color represents simplicity and pureness.          


 This happens to be a popular color, especially on women's toes. White nails pop on any skin tone and is a flattering color. White is associated with humility, freshness, and perfection. It is also color that would surely stand-out during the holidays. Try white matte nails for Christmas or New Year's Eve! Start 2019 with a fresh set and fresh mind.  

Midnight Blue

This blue color is an underestimated color that I don't see often. A dark blue color is risky and edgy for Fall or Winter. However, it can be vibrant and attractive color for the new year. If you want to try something different that's not popular, you have to get this color. Did I forgot to mention it's associated with intelligence and stability?


Pink is definitely in my top 3 of all time favorite nail colors! I'm not the typical "girly girl" but I instantly feel beautiful when my nails are pink. Pink is a flirtatious, bright, sweet, and a feminine color that will pop on any girl's nails. I prefer to get my pink nails in gloss finish but I will have to try matte. Pink will forever be in style and not just on Wednesdays. 

Dark Orange

Orange is a color that everyone is familiar with during this time of year. However, go with a darker or burnt orange. With Halloween during that time, orange is a classic Halloween color. It also fits the fall festive themes between September and November. Last year for Thanksgiving, I had orange coffin shaped nails. Orange represents success, change, and sunshine which is ideal during the colder months. 

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is another color that I can't stay away from between Fall and Winter. It actually pops and compliments my skin tone, especially with a gloss finish. The color is natural and earth-friendly. Brown is a very versatile color that can go with practically any outfit. Brown is also not a predictable color which is another reason why it's one of my favorites. 

Whether you decide to go for a dark vampy look or take a soft neutral approach, your nails are sure to keep you feeling fabulous and everyone else in awe. I hope you enjoyed my nail polish favorites! Which color will you show off this month? Are you getting gloss or matte finish?