Shaquall Brown


Name: Shaquall Brown

Nickname? Petty Officer Brown

Class Year: 2015

Hometown: Chicago

Grinnell Life:

Major: Sociology

Favorite Class (outside your major): Black Feminist Thought

Favorite Professor(s): GODDESSES---Lakesia Johnson, Kesho Scott, and Karla Erickson

Favorite Party: Freaknik Part 1

Outtakes or Meals to Go? Something else with seasoning because it’s all nasty.

Love Life:

Single or taken? Single. It’s a baeless desert out here.

Your flirting style in three words: Dat Ass Doe

Pet Peeves: Bad hygiene, racist people, that one kid in class that doesn’t know when to stfu, when the person in front of me doesn’t realize that I have things to do, individuals who don’t listen to me (I have the answers Sway), Yik Yak, people who like their own pictures and posts, small talk, and long essays that we all know our professors don’t read.

Most Desirable Qualities in a Partner: Humor, intellect, arms, shoulders, legs, nice lining, ambition and he has to do what I want 70% of the time.

Celebrity Girl Crush: Michelle Obama. She is flawless.

Celebrity Guy Crush: Matt Kemp. I honestly don’t watch baseball or know what team he plays for but I follow him on ig and he’s heart eyes emoji.

Chains Harris or 100 Days? Tbh I barely survived both.

Past, Present and Future:

What was your first impression of Grinnell? I thought the campus was really pretty when I first visited. I also thought there was a large welcoming community because everyone was smiling, saying hi to me and talking with me.

Most embarrassing first year moment: Well you see what had happened was….I thought that I could simply finish a bag of Doritos and then turn up quickly with more than a few of shots….well it wasn’t the brightest idea I had. Just know that the night ended with me having a fine.

What are you thinking about right now? Why the BCC still has the same old smelly furniture that the students from the 90s probably created our friends on.

What is your dream job? CEO of a hospital.

Top three bucket list items:

  • Bungee jumping
  • Putting the team on
  • I have to visit a country on every continent…except Antarctica like wtf would I do there?

Wit & Wisdom:

Favorite road trip song: Beyonce (Yes her name)

Favorite rainy day activity: Sleeping underneath my pink fluffy blanket

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? I really love children and I want to have six. #gangganggang

Issue you’re passionate about: Black lives

Any guilty pleasures? Game of Thrones, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Harry Potter, brownies, and Twitter

Favorite quote: “What does your silence do for you?” –Kesho Scott

What advice would you give Grinnellians? Go after what you want and make all the mistakes while you can here. We are only here for four years, and no one will remember what happened ten years from now especially if you never come back. Seriously, don’t hide the true you for others.