Lauren Toppeta


Name: Lauren Toppeta

Nickname?: LoTop

Class Year: [2017]

Hometown: NYC


3 words that describe you: Just tha Realest

Pet Peeves: I hate loud chewers

What are you thinking about right now?: How much my thoughts on Adidas pants have evolved, honestly.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?: The Dixie Chicks were my first favorite band.

Any guilty pleasures?: Watching One Tree Hill with a glass of wine is always a great choice, but honestly, as of late, doing anything but homework cause it makes me feel happy but also guilty.

Favorite road trip song: “Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)” by: Wyclef Jean

Favorite quote?: "16 Hours..Flight attendants can tell I'm off the shits. They's a whisperin in the corridors. No I don't want a magazine but I will have a hot lemon scented towel. Thank you kindly. Guy next to me is pajammy'd down head to toe we haven't even been on here for 4minutes. That boy clearly excited about the comfy lux sleep wear. I'm going to try and discover something about me on this flight. Thoughts brought to you by the shaky warrior”- @champagnepapi

Favorite food?: I love all food that won’t kill me…but I REALLY love avocado.

Favorite song of the moment: “Bitch Better Have My Money” by Rihanna… Shoutout to badgalriri from badgal_lotop.


Major: Art History

Favorite Class (outside your major): Social Psychology

Favorite Professor(s): Shoutout to Professor Jenny Anger [Art History]

Favorite Party: Probably Mary B James, or anything in Gardner cause if it’s fun I can dance inside and if it’s not, I can pout on the stairs outside.

What was your first impression of Grinnell?: I think I was too scared to be in college to have a solid first impression, but probably, “Wow, there is no one around”

Most embarrassing first year moment: All of it.

What advice would you give Grinnellians?: It’s okay to not take yourself that seriously.

Where can anyone typically find you on Grinnell?: Probably around the JRC


Single or Taken? : Single

Your flirting style in three words: Can I do it in four words?.. Probably Awkward, Hopefully Cute.

Most Desirable Qualities in a Partner: Being a dog.

Celebrity Girl Crush: Currently, Alexa Cheung, I go through phases though.

Celebrity Guy Crush: Much harder to answer… I’ll channel middle school me and say Zac Efron.


What is your dream job?: In a perfect world, I am Amal Clooney

Top 3 bucket list items:

1. Find a hairstyle I’m happy with for more than a month

2. I really want to go to Burning Man

3. Pet a baby kangaroo…and maybe take it in and domesticate it, but that’s a pipe dream.