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Kirsten Gillis


Name: Kirsten Gillis

Age: 19

Hometown: Wheaton, IL (no, I’m not super conservative!)


Year: First-Year!

Major: Intending on Biochemistry with a Neuroscience Concentration.

One Thing You Like About Grinnell: I feel like I’m amongst all friends here, even if I don’t talk to everyone and not everyone likes each other. It’s so wonderful to be around people who think the way I do but also challenge my own beliefs.

One Thing You’d Like to Change about Grinnell: More fruit in the D-Hall please :(


Single or Taken: Taken!

Perfect Date: A nice homemade dinner out in a forest preserve with a lake a bit before the sun sets. It’s romantic and easy to do!

Celebrity Girl Crush: Really it’s a tie between Emma Watson and Natalie Portman—they’re both such beautiful and talented women.

Celebrity Guy Crush: Gotta say Chris Pratt is pretty dang adorable and talented.

Turn Ons: Empathy and the ability to accept others’ ideas. Oh, I guess having dark hair and freckles helps too.

Pet Peeves: People chewing gum loudly. Don’t do it.


Hobbies: I love playing flute and piano, crocheting, hording scarves, cooking vegan food, playing video games, and writing letters to my friends.

Favorite Color: Light pink, it’s the perfect balance between cute and calm.

Favorite Smell: Spring air just after it’s rained. The combo of the floral aromas and the rain is heavenly.

Favorite Nickname: K Gillz

Favorite Word: Snugly. If you know me, you know it one of the most over-used words in my vocabulary because it perfectly describes anything I adore.

Favorite Song: Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes

Favorite Thing About Yourself: I have an interesting brown speck in the middle of the green part of my eye that I always found pretty cute and different.


Favorite Summer Memory: Going up to northern Michigan with my best friend and having deep talks while exploring the dunes and trails.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done: One time fed a huge manta ray? I am not a daredevil.

What You’re Thinking About Right Now: How wonderful my friends here are!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully having a science-related job and contributing something to society, like owning 500 succulents and cacti.

Dream Job: My dream job is to one day be a neuroscientist, the nervous system is mind-bogglingly complex. Our own brains realize they are complicated–it’s beautiful.

One Place You’ve Always Wanted to Visit: New Zealand. Who wouldn’t want to visit Hobbiton?


Role Model: Neil DeGrasse Tyson, we gotta badass over here!

Guilty pleasure: Ruffles chips… can’t say I have never finished a whole big bag of them in one sitting.

Favorite Piece of Advice You’ve Ever Received: You can’t please everyone; it just isn’t possible.

Hello! I'm Maya, and I spend 75% of my day in some form of hibernation.
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