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Harrison and Stuart Hoegh


[Author’s Note: Meet one of Grinnell College’s set of twins, Harrison and Stu! Not only are they handsome, they are pretty witty too. While their responses are awesome, being 1/3 of a group email with these two, I can only imagine that Hoegh dinners and family group messages are hilarious…

HerCampus Correspondent: (Essentially) Would you guys want to be Campus Cutie this week?

Harrison Hoegh: I’ll do it as long as it is clear that I am the better looking one.

Stuart Hoegh: Hmmm I’m not really sure who this Harrison Hoegh guy is he’s probably some first year that hasn’t made any friends yet. But I will do anything that helps my campus or your campus or his campus or her campus or z’s campus. I look forward to meeting Harrison and clearing a few things up about attractiveness.

LOL! They are pretty awesome! Read below to find out more… ALSO they sent us a baby picture <3!]


Name(s): Stuart and Harrison Hoegh


Class Year:

SH: 2017

HH: 2018



SH: Economics and Political Science

HH: Undecided



SH: Atlantic (ATL), Iowa

HH: Atlantic, Iowa


Motto To Live By:

SH: These colors don’t run.

HH: Remember my friend to enjoy your planning as well as your accomplishments, for life is too short for negative energy – Bruce Lee


Best Moment Thus Far:

SH: I won intramural championship in pool last fall. Actually, that is probably the single greatest moment of my life and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I am glad you asked. :)

HH: Sledding


Exciting Activities:

SH: SGA, Hall Ball founder along with Major May

HH: Cube Club


Favorite Prof:

SH: Mark Montgomery

HH: Mileti


Favorite Party:

SH: 10/10

HH: Sweater Party


Embarrassing First Year Moment:

SH: I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

HH: Falling on Mac Field multiple times last week



SH: Taken

HH: Single


Perfect Date:

SH: Taken 2 with Liam Niessens

HH: You and me going fishing in the dark, lying on our backs and counting the stars


Most Attractive Quality in a Person:

SH: Independent, Thinks for herself

HH: Laid-back


Something People Don’t Know About You:

SH: I have a motorcycle

HH: I played rugby in the Cook Islands for 6 weeks


Silliest Thing You’ve Done:

SH: Mary B James



One Wish… What Would It Be?:

SH: One More Day – Diamond Rio. Give it a listen if you haven’t, listen to it again if you have.

HH: Have my dog come live in my dorm with me


Favorite Thing About Being a Twin:

SH: Someone to throw a football around with growing up.

HH: Having a friend growing up in the country when there aren’t any neighbors near by.


Dana Sherry is a Her Campus Contributing writer from Brooklyn, New York. She is a History major and a record-holding member of Grinnell's conference-winning swim team. Do not be fooled by the Lilly and bows: in her spare time, Dana is a dirty rap enthusiast and analyst. She also enjoys house music, interacting with small children and has an extensive collection of Essie and OPI nail polish that she (usually) does not mind sharing with her grateful friends. 
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