Daniel Goldstein


Name: Daniel Goldstein

Nickname? None

Class Year: 2016

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Grinnell Life:

Major: Computer Science/Math

Favorite Class (outside your major): Film Analysis,Theory & Criticism

Favorite Professor(s): Theresa Geller, Monessa Cummins, Todd Armstrong

Favorite Party: Block Party

Outtakes or Meals to Go? Meals to go

Love Life:

Single or Taken? Single

Your flirting style in three words: Flirting is hard

Pet Peeves: Being rude to other people

Most Desirable Qualities in a Partner: Fun and silly

Celebrity Girl Crush: Deidre Freeman

Celebrity Guy Crush: Milton Garcia '14

Chains Harris or 100 Days? 100 days

Past, Present and Future:

What was your first impression of Grinnell? Everyone asking me the same 5 questions during NSO a million times.

Most embarrassing first year moment: Dropping a huge stack of cups at the front of the Dhall while working as a restocker

What are you thinking about right now? This test I should be studying for.

What is your dream job? Roller coaster/water slide critic

Top three bucket list items: Go skydiving, see more of the world, make something that is widely used around the world

Wit & Wisdom:

Favorite road trip song: Ignition (Remix)

Favorite rainy day activity: Netflix all day

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? I chipped my two front teeth in 4th grade on someone's head. I ran around a corner and my mouth was open for some reason and the other person was knocked unconscious. They were okay though don't worry.

Issue you’re passionate about: Educating people and fighting ignorance

Any guilty pleasures? Sitting in the hot tub at dive practice

Favorite quote: “I don't want no scrubs” - Emma Falley

What advice would you give Grinnellians? Don't worry so much about everything. Try to have more fun even when its winter and sad outside.