Advice for the Best Friend of a Dumpee


  • There is no wrong way to deal with a break up. If they need to cry and watch Netflix all day, be the one to make sure that they get up to go to class, then tuck them back into bed afterwards.

  • If they want to burn through Tinder like:  be there with a baggie of condoms, and reminder lectures about consent and safety.


  • If they want to act like nothing is wrong, let them.

You may think they are doing it all wrong. That they need to cry and split a bottle of crappy pink moscato and a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough with you, don’t push them. They are questioning enough of themselves and their life right now. Be the person that has their back. And if they are like:

Give them a wake up call

The Sky is Falling

It’s a big deal. Harry and Ginny couldn’t make it because of Ginny’s illustrious Quidditch career, while Alex and Piper got in a giant prison fight because Piper couldn’t keep it in her neon orange pants, and Kurt and Blaine sang “Someone Like You” to each other in a performance we all know reflected their real-life relationship.

Even if it feels like:

Keep in mind that they are mourning the loss of a huge part of their life. Be there. Don’t let them isolate themselves. Validate that it sucks right now, and GENTLY remind them that everything is going to be okay. 

Remind Them They Have People

Do something that reminds them that they are loved and have a support network.

This anonymous note was found with a box of Girl Scout cookies. The recipient had no idea who wrote the note, but could think of several people it could have been. #allhailtheBreakUpGoddesses