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12 Tracks To Keep You Chill in Times of Stress

My Dearest Grinnellians,

   The last month of classes is finally here, and if your workload is anything like mine (and it probably is since you also attend this lovely institution) then you’re probably freaking out at the amount of things you have to get done in the coming weeks. While I can’t give you much, I can offer you this playlist in efforts to show that I stand in solidarity with you and your struggle. It’s only 12 tracks, but I think it’s a nice playlist to play in the background while studying or taking a break from all of the studying. The goal of this playlist is to pass the chill vibes along and keep us even the slightest bit relaxed during this stressful time. So spread it around, let me know what you think, and most importantly STAY STRONG Grinnellians, we’re almost there!

Happy Listening!

– Denisha

P.S. I know there were a few issues with people trying to access the Freaknik playlist through Spotify so I used a more accessible outlet this time. I will try to get the Freaknik playlist up on 8tracks soon!

Denisha is a second year at Grinnell, but Chicago is the place she calls home. Her guilty pleasures are broadway musicals, red lipstick, and one direction. As a Sociology and GWSS double major she hopes to someday work in outreach, in topics ranging from the LGBT rights to combating ableism.   
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