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10 Things You Should Know About 10/10

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again. The time when the stress-lined faces of fellow Grinnellians inexplicably begin to perk up. When students who’ve been strung out on coffee for the past week in preparation of midterms regain the pep in their step. When a feeling of childish joy, excitement, and anticipation combine in an at-times uncomfortable cocktail that swaddle the campus in a familiar holiday spirit.

If you thought I was talking about Christmas, think again – I’m talking about 10/10.

As the biggest campus of the year (literally; 10/10 spans from one side of the campus to the other, starting at Norris and stopping at each dorm until it reaches its conclusion in Gardner), it’s no wonder that it’s received with such eagerness. What’s a better cure for stress than a rager, after all?

However, every year there’s a story about someone whose night doesn’t go as well as it should have. To combat that, I’ve compiled a list of basic information that everyone – from timid first years to rambunctious fourth years – should know and keep in mind before and during the biggest event of the year.

Without further ado, here are “10 Things You Should Know About 10/10”.

1. Don’t pregame.  Some of you may already be tempted to exit out of this article now, but hear me out. You don’t need to pregame 10/10. Seriously. With approximately two or three kegs at each dorm, there’s more than enough alcohol to go around. Hell, there’s enough to go around twice. On top of that, there are bandana and wristband wearing individuals called Rescue Dogs who travel among the hordes of nomadic students with backpacks full of alcohol. Although pregaming can be a fun party starter and a way to meet up with all of your friends, it makes you more liable of becoming over-intoxicated or dangerously impaired, putting yourself and others at risk.

2. Pace yourself. 10/10 isn’t about being the drunkest the fastest. I repeat: 10/10 IS NOT ABOUT BEING THE DRUNKEST THE FASTEST. It’s about having fun with your friends, meeting new people, and maybe finally getting the guts to talk to the cutie you see around all the time but never have the courage to approach. It’s also not about keeping up with other people. Know how intoxicated you want to get prior to the party and stick to your pace. The night is long, and the booze is ever-flowing. There will be plenty of time for you to drink and have a good time. By pacing yourself, you reduce the risk of overdrinking and being that guy who passes out before 8 p.m.

3. Stay hydrated and eat before you go out. Like I said: the night is long, and you’ll most likely be drinking quite a bit. Drinking water between drinks and throughout the night will not only allow you to pace yourself by slowing the rate in which you drink (see tip number two), but it’ll also help prevent an absolutely brutal hangover in the morning. Eating a proper meal made up of mostly carbohydrates and proteins will delay the rate of alcohol absorption, but it won’t prevent it. This means you can and will still get drunk if you eat before you drink, but it will slow your body’s ability to process the alcohol, allowing you to slide into an intoxicated state much slower than you would on an empty stomach.

4. Don’t wander around with open containers. Grinnell’s Police Department will be out during 10/10 on the main streets. While they aren’t there to harass you and put a damper on your phone, they will be on the lookout for people attempting to cross the streets with open alcoholic and beverage containers for everyone’s safety. SA’s and other campus authority figures will point out trash cans and other disposal bins for you to dump your most recently chugged can of PBR, so make sure you pay attention and throw cups, cans, and bottles away before you get in trouble. Don’t give the GPD any incentive to come on campus and ticket you or your friends – play it cool. On that note, make sure you actually get your cans into the garbage. No one likes a litterbug.

5. Respect people in uniform. This includes campus security, police officers, and anyone else of authority. As stated above, don’t give them any reason to see you as a threat to themselves, yourself, or others. They’re not your enemies: they’re just doing their jobs, and part of their job descriptions is keeping the campus and encompassing neighborhoods safe. Be courteous, polite, and kind. If you’re too drunk to do that, go home.

6. Lock your doors. This might be a little weird considering Grinnell’s an incredibly safe campus, but it’s in your best interest to lock your door for the first time this semester and carry your key somewhere on your person. Drunk people have an alarming tendency to become confused and wander places they have no business being, and considering that the majority of 10/10 is spent in residence halls, there’s a 85% chance that some intoxicated first year might mistake your dorm for their friend’s room, or worse – the bathroom. Be proactive by locking the door before you go out for the night.

7. Use the buddy system. Communicate with your friends and roommate before and during 10/10 to let them know where you’re going and who you’re going with. It may be annoying to receive those group chat texts all night while you’re trying to get your groove on, but it’s better to be mildly inconvenienced than for something to happen to you and no one to know where you are. The buddy system can curtail potential accidents and ensures that everyone’s night can end happily and safely.

8. Don’t feel obligated to drink. It isn’t for everyone. If you’re sub-free or sub-light, don’t feel as if 10/10 can’t be fun for you. Tons of students go sober and have a good laugh with their tipsy classmates. Don’t feel obligated to get blackout or feel as if you’re missing out on all the fun. Join the festivities with an open-mind and heart, and I promise you’ll have just as much as fun as the guy in your Intro to Econ class who won’t remember all the horrible dancing he’s doing in the morning.

9. Practice safe sex. As a campus Grinnell tends to practice safe-sex via consent, but always be mindful of yourself and potential partners. If you’re interested in an encounter of the sexual sort, make sure your partner is able to consent – meaning, don’t take advantage of someone who’s under the influence, who feels pressured into saying yes, etcetera. If you’re going to stay in someone else’s room for the night, go back to tip number 7. Let someone know so your friends aren’t worrying for nothing. And if you do choose to hookup with someone, please, please, please don’t be weird about it the next day. Grinnell is a small campus: you’re going to see that girl, guy, or non-binary cutie at some point in the future. Smile. Wave. Be their friend. Don’t make them feel ashamed or embarrassed about the metric ton of drunken sexual shenanigans they engaged in with you. If they leave their shirt in your room and are too afraid to ask for it back, be kind and give it back to them. They probably really liked that shirt.

10. Finally, the most important tip of all: PRACTICE SELF-GOV. If you’re tired of hearing this, I apologize, but self-gov really is love and makes all of our lives so much easier. Practice kindness. Be gentle. Contribute to the good vibes and return the love Grinnellians have so willingly given to you.

Most of this advice may seem self-explanatory, and, in reality, it is. But it’s never a bad idea to brush up on tips and remind yourself of some basic behavioral guidelines. Above all, have fun, be safe, and enjoy your 10/10 weekend– however you choose to spend it.


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