Zags in the Phil Knight Invitational

Seeing as we are starting to get the ball rolling on our basketball season here at GU, let’s talk about a few of our players and their weekend at the PK80.



The PK80 is the Phil Knight Invitational, a tournament that was put together to celebrate the 80th birthday of the man himself! Sixteen elite college basketball teams traveled to Portland this past weekend to compete. The invitational was set up in order to honor the Nike co-founder and recognize his contributions to collegiate basketball. The teams other than Gonzaga invited to participate included Duke, Oregon, Portland, Portland State, Florida, North Carolina, and many more.


The 17 ranked Zags sadly lost in the semi-final game of the Motion Bracket against the number 7 ranked team, Florida. After a double over time, Gonzaga finally lost 111-105. Even though it was a sad ending, it showed only what is left to come from the players this season. Teamwork, perseverance, and energy were displayed by the Gonzaga players throughout the entire game and gives promise for a great season to come.


Johnathan Williams played a fantastic game, scoring 39 points out of the 105. He successfully scored 16 out of 22 attempted free throws, and had 12 rebounds, ending the game as a strong leader for the Bulldogs.  Josh Perkins played a great game as well, ending with 7 assists.


This game brought Gonzaga to 4 wins and 1 loss thus far this season. Their season statistics show 77 free throws made out of 106 attempted, 38% of 3-pointers made, 225 rebounds, 88 assists, and 32 steals.


            This tournament was just the beginning for Gonzaga, and I am excited to see what else they have in store! Keep it up Zags! See you all in The Kennel!