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Spring is finally here and everyone at HC Gonzaga could not be more excited! And what is more perfect than music to accompany this beautiful weather?! The answer is nothing—literally nothing (other than some good company, of course). With that being said here are 10 songs to add to your spring playlist!


“Gimme a Break” – Nicole Millar


“There’s a Reason” – Wet


“Loving is Easy (feat. Benny Sings)” – Rex Orange County


“Stuck” – The Aces


“Trivial Motion” – Shy Girls


“Good People Do Bad Things” – Prelow


“You’re On My Mind” – Tom Misch


“The Distance” – Aly & AJ


“Curiosity” – Turnover


“Feels Like Magic” – Sports


The playlist starts with “Gimme a Break” by Australian pop singer, Nicole Millar. Her song opens with an up-tempo electro-pop anthem that screams springtime. “There’s a Reason” by Wet brings contributes a calmer, more tranquil sound to the playlist. “Loving is Easy (feat. Benny Sings)” by English musician Rex Orange County uses a blend of jazz with bedroom electronica to produce what seems to be the quintessential spring anthem. The Utah band The Aces’ debut album is full of contemporary 80s influence; their song “Stuck” provides a hard-hitting opening with a killer chorus that can make anyone dance. “Trivial Motion” by Portland-based artist Shy Girls brings the playlist back down to a more relaxed feel. “Good People Do Bad Things” by New York-based electro-pop duo Prelow has a laid-back feel with a dynamic sense of vigor. Tom Misch’s debut album is a hypnotic blend of pop, jazz, and hip-hop that procures a warm, funky, attractive sense of relief. His song “You’re On My Mind” has a heavy jazz influence that complements his unhurried vocals. After 10 years without a single song, Aly & AJ are back with a whole new brand. Their new EP, Ten Years, is a stellar take on a classic 80s feel; “The Distance” is a hit that adds a happy medium of upbeat tempo with an almost melancholic tension in the lyrics to this playlist. The trio Turnover emerged as an emo-pop act in 2009, but their sophomore release consists of a more contemplative, melodic, indie rock. Their song “Curiosity” has a warm, melodious feel, which adds a sense of stillness and composure to our Spring Playlist. The last song on the playlist is “Feels Like Magic” by Sports. This song winds down the playlist with a breezy pop sound that promises a sense of serenity.  

Enjoy the tunes, Zags! And let us know what jams have put you in the spring mood!

All images courtesy of iTunes.

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