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Why Joining a CLC was my Best Decision at GU

    Gonzaga University is a Jesuit University which takes great pride in it’s resources for spirituality, reflection, and community for it’s students.  The influence of religion within the many opportunities offered on campus keeps Gonzaga true to the Jesuit mission as well as its history.  University Ministry has served as a place for family and support for me here at Gonzaga, and is the reason I am in my CLC today.

     After attending the First Year Pre-Orientation Retreat as a freshman, we were offered the opportunity to join a CLC with the people we had met at the retreat or complete strangers.  CLC stands for Christian Life Community, offering students time during the week to meet with their peers to reflect on different topics such as spirituality, relationships, or any other discussion each CLC can benefit from.  Luckily, when I joined my CLC, I already knew I was going into it with the friends I made at the retreat, and was excited to grow in our friendships and get to know them more.  Every Wednesday night, eleven wonderful women and I came together for an hour to take time to ourselves to grow together.

     The stories that were shared and lessons that were learned from each other’s experiences, joys, and struggles truly opened my eyes throughout my freshman year.  I found out that I am never alone and am surrounded by love.  I know that I can always communicate my questions of religion in my CLC, vent the struggles with self-image and self-doubt I feel everyday, discover new ideas of what I want in my relationships with others, and never feel judged or alone.

     Joining a CLC was the best decision I could have ever made my freshman year and I am proud to continue to spend my senior year with my greatest supporters and best friends here at Gonzaga.  My CLC is my family and I am looking forward to the years to come.

If you want to join a CLC on campus, it’s not too late! Contact University Ministry located on the first floor of Hemmingson to learn how to get involved!

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