Why is Confrontation So Difficult?

Why is it so hard for so many people in our generation, some of whom I have met, to confront people about their feelings? I like to think that I am accomplished and can handle something this simple, but when faced with a difficult conversation, I find it hard to say what is on my mind. 

One of my roommates articulates herself incredibly well, while I struggle to even get my main point across. It is frustrating having people misunderstand my intentions when to me, they make sense.

But that is something that I can improve with time and practice. So, what is it the causes me to fear confrontation? Is it the other person’s unknown feelings that influence my fear?


While that is probably a major factor, I think another key point is the genuine fear of being vulnerable with another human being. Expressing your inner thoughts not knowing how the other individual will react is terrifying, so I sometimes will try to avoid it, but that should not be the answer in all situations. We have become accustomed to hiding our feelings instead of letting people know which in some situations can turn into a passive aggressive stand-off toxic relationship. 

I am not saying you should disregard everyone’s feelings and go tell them every thought, but we need to start being more honest with each other, so we can create healthy environments and lifestyles. 

It is never going to be easy and feelings are finicky and can be hurt but living in toxic situations should not be the compromise. We should stand up for our feelings and not let them be tossed to the side. 

Confrontation is a healthy way to avoid future issues and while it is scary and difficult, it helps us to improve relationships and our own health, which at the end of the day, matters most of all.