Valentine's Movies for Every Type of Movie Lover

Hello Zags! Valentine's Day is upon us which means it is time to spend time with those who you love! One great Valentine’s Day activity is to snuggle up and watch a movie, whether is it with a significant other or some close friends. Here is a list of Valentine’s movies from all different genres!




  1. The Princess Bride: The story of a farm boy, Wesley, who falls for a beautiful woman named Buttercup. This movie is not only comedy but also adventure, romance, and fantasy. While it may be hard to follow at first, it definitely is worth watching over and over!   


2. Valentine’s Day: This movies follows the lives of a bunch of different characters that are related and what Valentine’s Day means to them. Whether it is a romantic dinner or a party to hate on love, this movie creates a relatable plot for everyone to follow! Plus Taylor S and Taylor L are dating in it!!




  1. Pretty Woman: When a prostitute is all out of options and down on her luck, she is hired by a very wealthy businessman to accompany him on business trips. Although only a week together, the chemistry is undeniable!


2. The Notebook: A classic love story placed in pre and post World War II. Noah and Allie fall deeply in love during an amazing summer but are split due to their different backgrounds. Noah recounts his memories of Allie in this amazing movie!



  1. Wall-E: This is a perfect sci-fi and family friendly movie that shows what love truly means. Wall-E's view of a romantic relationship and partner is not only adorable and a great example of completely selfless love, but also has the ability of making the audience care about a relationship in which they were only able to exchange two words!


2. The Amazing Spider-man:  This superhero film is modeled after Marvel Comics Spider-man. A teenager from New York, Peter, is bitten my a genetically modified spider and suddenly began to change! In the hopes to destroy Dr. Curt Connors, Spider-man finds love!




  1. My Bloody Valentine: When a group of friends decide to throw a Valentine’s party, an unexpected guest shows up. Someone dressed in old mining gear shows his true feelings about love. As the trailer ends, “Nothing says date night like a 3D ride to hell.” … Ummm wow! Not exactly my cup of tea, but maybe you will love it!




  1. Titanic: This is a recount of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Although they are from different social class, Jack and Rose, share a connection that is worth dying for. This is the perfect combination between a romance and a historical event!



  1. March of the Penguins: This documentary follows the journey of penguins as they stick together to find a mate! The emperor penguins walk together through places where no other life forms can survive. As the trailer states, “In the harshest place on Earth, love will find a way.” These guys are so freaking cute and they mate for life! Maybe a great movie to watch to begin talking about commitment.



  1. Mr. & Mrs. Smith: This is one of my favorite movies! This film is about a married couple that are both secretly assassins that work for opposing companies. Things get a little complicated when they are assigned to kill each other.



  1. La La Land: This musical romance is placed in the city of lights, LA!! A jazz pianist and an aspiring actress take on the world together in hopes of making it big. Any film with Ryan Gosling as the lead is a winner to me!



  1. Fifty Shades Freed: This upcoming movie is the final one in its trilogy. It continues with the marriage and life of Ana and Christian while they try to figure out how to depend on someone besides themselves. Past threats resurface, causing their happy life to be at stake.


Happy movie watching and Happy Valentine’s Day Zags!!