Top 5 Halloween Candies

Happy Halloween everyone! The classic Halloween debate continues for another year... what is the best Halloween candy?? Prepare yourself, because this is the definitive ranking of the five absolute best candy that tick-or-treaters can collect.


  1. Reese’s

Peanut butter and chocolate?? Wow let’s stay cool…


   2. Reese's 

Pure happiness in a wrapper X2.


   3. Reese’s

I mean, have you tried them frozen before?? Life changing!


    4. Reese’s

Do you eat it all at once or do you eat all the chocolate off first? This can make or break friendships.


    5. Reese’s

They are a classic!


Enjoy all the chocolate-peanut-butter-y goodness you can before its no longer socially acceptable to eat candy all day!