Springtime Reminders

Springtime in Spokane has started and the weather is finally warming up! Even with the winter blues disappearing, I always need reminders to stay positive and have begun to keep track of what people tell me that help me through some difficult days. 


Giving myself grace is one I try to remember every day. In other words, this means forgiving yourself and knowing you deserve it. I am one to always be hard on myself if I make a mistake but giving myself this grace has left a lot of room for me to forgive myself and forget what I have done wrong.   


Ever since college, I have found myself living in fear. Whether it is fear of what the future holds or, simply, the fear of failing a test, I can always pinpoint something I am afraid of. It has caught up with me and has been negatively affecting my outlook on life. One of my leaders and mentors at Gonzaga gave me the saying “Trust > Fear”. It is a reminder that if you truly believe that everything happens for a reason, the fear will slowly ease away and trust will take over. 


I was having a coffee date with a friend at Gonzaga and she reminded me that we just need to spread love. Whether it is smiling at someone when you are walking down Bulldog Alley or helping someone out with homework, love can be found in the smallest of acts. It is such a simple task that often gets overlooked, but it can provide so much happiness and joy when you give love and receive love. 


With only a few more weeks until summer vacation, the sun is coming out and the weather is warming up. To finish off the year strong and on a happy note, remind yourself of the little things and to keep a positive attitude on life. You got this!