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Sophomore Year: The Slump

Freshman year is hectic and overwhelming. For most of us we feel like we barely have time to breath between making friends, developing a good work ethic, and attempting to get enough sleep to function. But by the end of Freshman year we have our solid friend group and are used to the lifestyle that college throws at us, so when Sophomore year rolls around we have adjusted. After this adjustment and established routine, why are Sophomores on college campuses nationwide reporting being in the “Sophomore slump”? There are several studies on this phenomenon and it is being acknowledged by universities around the world as a period of developmental confusion. Sophomores are facing academic, social, and personal development more than any other year in college. Between professors expecting us to have our major figured out with a job in mind, and our parents finally giving us that responsibility we THOUGHT we had been desiring, there is more pressure on us than ever. But with all of this going on, we are stuck in a routine of school, work, and studying that thinking about the future is harder than ever. So how to we stay out of this Sophomore slump but still on track with our degrees? Here are the Four G’s to follow to help with the drag of Sophomore year!

1. Get Involved

This was shoved down our throats of all high school, and now is not the time to forget it. With the routine of school and work and personal difficulties, making time to go to a club or an activity that is something of interest to you is incredibly important. If it is something you genuinely enjoy, then it won’t feel like you won’t have to “make time” to attend it at all! If anything, it will be what gets you through your week.

2. Get off campus

Seeing the same place and people every day can feel as though you are stuck in a “Groundhog Day” routine without any change. Find a friend with a car, or maybe a scooter or bike, and leave campus for the day. Whether this be a trip with your friends or just a self-care day, having new scenery can be incredibly refreshing.

3. Get a New Perspective

Along with changing your physical environment and getting off campus, it’s important to change your mental environment. Having a stuck perspective on your life can be limiting and cause pessimistic views which isn’t helpful when you feel like you’re drowning in homework and in the middle of a life crisis. Surround yourself by people who might have different opinions or perspectives as you and be OPEN to these views.

4.Get Active

Feeling stressed? Try not to turn to binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy for the fifth time, or eating your entire box of cereal in a night. Instead go outside or hit the gym. Working out, no matter how dreadful it may sound, releases endorphins in your brain to cause a more positive feeling and brighter outlook on life. If you can find a group of friends to join you and make it a weekly goal to go, it will make you feel more productive with your time.


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